10 Product Ideas to Start a SaaS Business

A SaaS business is a firm that hosts applications and makes them available to customers online. SaaS stands for software as a service. It refers to software that sits on a SaaS company’s server while the user accesses it remotely.

How does SaaS Business work?

The SaaS industry maintains databases, servers, and software. That permits the application to be accessed on the internet. Users can access the software from any device.

Usually, SaaS customers pay a subscription fee to access the application. Subscription depends on the number of users, how much data is stored, or the level of technical support that needs an application to work.

Example of SaaS Business

Most SaaS companies have a hold on every business function. Some of the famous examples of SaaS applications are:

  • CRM: These applications allow customers to manage customer information and track the order.
  • ERP: this system of SaaS applications works for big companies.
  • Project management: this application helps customers to collaborate and communicate.
  • Web hosting and eCommerce: it allows users to handle business metrics that are important for online presence.
  • Human resources: SaaS applications offer tools and technologies that can track employee activity. Such as working hours, and payroll management. And also manage the hiring process of the business.
  • Data management: SaaS applications allow analyzing and securing business information.

Benefits of SaaS Business

SaaS business is a process that is more than installing software. It’s a great way to sell the product to the customer. Some of the benefits of SaaS business are:

  • Cost-saving
  • Low-effort updates
  • Mobility
  • IT expertise
  • Scalability

Risk of SaaS Company

SaaS Company is well-known for its infrastructure handling and maintenance. It shows the integration of third-party that will be responsible for the business functions. But, it can cause some risks for the business. Such as:

  • SaaS services are not flexible; on-demand services can be costly. And SaaS service doesn’t allow the cancellation of the contract or scaling back to a cheaper option.
  • The data depends on third-party integration to operate the app. The SaaS Company’s downtime can impact you too.
  • Security of personal information is also a risk factor due to third-party integration.
  • SaaS customers depend on the SaaS Company for accessing the application. And if the vendor is out of business, the user can’t operate the service.

10 Product Ideas to Start a SaaS Business in 2021

The SaaS industry is currently very popular, and surveys show that it isn’t going away any time soon. According to the reports, in 2022, the SaaS industry worth will be $143.7 billion.

Due to the pandemic, the rise in the SaaS business industry has risen as companies have to work remotely. That’s why software as a service is highly in demand. But for a successful SaaS business, you need great products for the customers. Read the article to find out the 10 best product ideas to start a SaaS business.

1. Marketing automation software

Starting a SaaS company in the marketing industry is an amazing idea. Nowadays, the popularity of marketing automation is reaching the sky. By automating routine tasks, companies free their employees from tedious duties. And work on more important things.

HubSpot is the marketing automation software example, which draws nearly 25,000 customers every year. The statistics show that businesses search for premium marketing SaaS platforms. You have to find your niche and make it work.

2. Team collaboration

Due to the pandemic outbreak, businesses have to work remotely. That is the reason team collaboration software became a profit-making niche for SaaS companies. Now businesses can find tools that enhance project management and improve employees’ productivity.

For example, Mobilize is a community management platform preferred by many well-known companies. It offers many amazing features to the users. Such as a private space for a professional network that allows having posts, events, file sharing, and email integration in one place.

3. Content planning

Content is the main asset of marketing strategy. To have a successful business plan, you need to create amazing content for your business. But, content planning and creation is a daunting task. That requires time and effort. Companies need tools to boost and ease this process. for example, it provides solutions that help with the content planning. For example, it offers suggestions on how to create content. And also suggest tips on execution and analysis of the content. By using these tools, the content research, optimization, and distribution processes will be easier. Moreover, it can save a lot of time and effort.

For instance, CoSchedule is a platform that helps companies to plan, organize, and track their content easily.

4. Video creation and editing

According to branding services UK, video creation and editing applications are great business ideas. Video creation and editing services are affordable for a successful business. It could benefit designers and video editors who have started their careers in videography. 

5. Appointment management

To run a business, you have to conduct a meeting. In short, businesses have a lot of business. But, the meeting can take up a whole day. There’s no secret that with this entire fuss, people can miss important appointments. Thus, automated timing management software is an excellent idea for SaaS businesses.

The best example is Calendly. An app designed for scheduling team and personal appointments and group events.

6. Health check software

Health check software is one of the great SaaS business ideas. Moreover, it’s affordable for marketers who are on a low budget. This software informs users about their planned doctor’s meetings. And it keeps track of users’ health records and automatically offers suggestions for patients about their health records. 

To check ideas on similar SaaS businesses, check out HIPAA-compliant apps.

7. Accounting

SaaS Company SaaS accounting is a common but great idea for SaaS business for a successful business. Accounting SaaS software has great potential that can be beneficial for both small and large businesses. For example, SaaS software help with personal or business accounts management and tax calculations.

8. Telehealth software platform

SaaS software offers many facilities for a successful business. For instance, the telehealthcare system allows medical experts to consult a patient online. By using modes of communication like computers and smartphones, people have access to accommodate healthcare services. The tools include features like video-conferencing or remote patient monitoring.

9. Virtual assistant

Nowadays, the virtual assistant is a leading SaaS business idea for a successful business. It not a novelty anymore as many companies leverage this technology to connect with the users. The bots in this technology can perform the task automatically—for instance, resource planning and employee engagement measures for better user experience. 

10. E-invoicing

E-invoicing is a great SaaS business idea for 2022. It lifts the paper invoicing and eliminates manual work. Usually, paper invoicing takes time and effort to do. But e-invoicing helps in generating electronic invoices automatically.


SaaS business is currently on the roll. These are the best product ideas for the SaaS business industry in 2022. I hope you like the article and found it useful.

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