Top Augmented Reality Trends For 2023 & Future

With the latest augmented reality trends, augmented reality is helping solve various challenges for a myriad number of organizations. Operating across a myriad number of industries such as retail, gaming, education, healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, and even the military.  Augmented Reality is a brilliant technology that has made certain parts of science fiction. A distinct reality for human beings by providing immersive experiences like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

According to Globe News Wire, the Augmented Reality industry worldwide will be worth $ 90.8 billion by 2028. As per Statista over 1.8 billion mobile AR user devices will be there by 2024. Compared to 598 million AR active devices by 2020. 

Talking more about augmented reality trends, social media giant FB in collaboration with leading sun and prescription eyewear company RayBan launched its first smart glass in October 2021. The super- stylish glasses came equipped with a lot of exciting technological features. It could easily capture photos and videos which users could easily share on Facebook. Additionally, with these glasses, the wearer could listen to music and answer phone calls as well. Lenovo and Vuzix have also released their smart glasses earlier this year, aiming at the consumer market. FB lens is likely to make its debut in 2023, thus making AR more popular with consumers. 

Top 4 Augmented Reality Trends (AR) to Watch Out in 2023

In the following paragraphs, we shall look at top augmented reality trends for 2023 and beyond. We shall also see how a well-established augmented reality company can help your business. Remain competitive in the market by allowing you to present your products/services uniquely.

A Leap into the Metaverse

One of the important objectives of the metaverse technologies is to eliminate the barrier. This is erecting between the physical and the digital worlds.  Also, as AR can display digital objects superimposed in our physical world,. It can offer new and exciting opportunities for businesses and consumers.

It is expected that in the near future, these top augmented reality trends could be employed for making hybridized virtual meetings a possibility. For example, if one person on your team is attending a meeting with a VR headset, and you do not have one, then an AR avatar could represent you at the meeting. 

Augmented Reality + Artificial Intelligence

The technology behind augmented reality makes it a natural ally of AI. Complicated algorithms are using in AR. AI can simplify data processing to obtain meaningful insights from the data. 

A good example of AR meeting AI is the app ClipDrop, which allows users to quickly digitize an item into a 3D object for use in applications like PowerPoint, Google Docs, and more. Moreover, 3D scanning can be used to import real-world objects into a metaverse environment. As these technologies mature, they are going to make even a greater impact on marketing and business operations

AR Live Stream Shopping

Live stream shopping has become hugely popular in China. Now the rest of the world is following this augmented reality trends as well. It is hitting popularity around China. According to Forbes magazine, the live-stream shopping market in China will generate in excess of $500 billion by 2023. Live-streaming shopping is in its nascent stage in the US. It is expected to generate $57 billion by 2025 in the US market. 

Given the fast-growing popularity of live-stream shopping, brands are increasingly making use of AR in their use of e-commerce applications.  It is expected that AR-integrated try-on live-streaming shopping platforms. It will allow online shoppers to make more logical decisions regarding the purchase as they can view the items in real time in the virtual world. 

Web-based augmented reality (WebAR)

With Web-based augmented reality (webAR) users can enjoy AR experiences directly from their smartphones. People may enjoy the immersive and unique experience of AR on-demand, as WebAR doesn’t require users to download additional software on OS, mobile devices, and web browsers. WebAR can be accessed through a QR code scan, a simple URL link, or a tap on an NFC tag. Because of this easy accessibility on a variety of mediums, the reach of WebAR is at least twice as much as that of its augmented reality app based version. WebAR also makes virtual try-on experiences, and thus are extensively used by big cosmetic brands like L’Oréal and Maybelline. 


Rapid advancement in technology has vastly expanded the reach of augmented reality, making it accessible to a large number of businesses and consumers.  The augmented reality market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. As businesses realize the importance of technology to better serve their customers. 

A quality provider of augmented reality services can help your organization stay up-to-date with the latest augmented reality trends, and allow you to leverage the power of AR to improve customer services and engagement.

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