Benefits of Biocidin Capsules

Biocidin is a synergy of several compounds and herbs that help our body improve digestion by enhanced gut microbiome balance. The main target of Biocidin Capsules is the gastrointestinal tract or GI tract, which is also why biocidin capsules provide a multitude of digestive benefits. 

Experts believe that biocidin can help the body curb many illnesses, such as inflammation, Lyme disease, heart problems, yeast growth, etc. 

This article will discuss the detailed functioning of the biocidin capsules and its benefits. 

How Biocidin Capsules Work?

The characteristics of the biocidin formula are attain from its botanical ingredients that help reduce infections in the upper respiratory tract. For example, diseases like strep throat or GI tract issues. 

When biocidin is consume by an individual, it improves the functioning of the entire GI tract. This means that the overall body functioning improves with gut health, such as circadian rhythm, state of mind, mood, heart health, digestive health, etc. 

Many doctors even suggest biocidin capsules for winter wellness, GI dysbiosis, LPS endotoxins, and bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine. 

6 Health Benefits of Biocidin Capsules

To better understand the functioning of biocidin capsules, review their 6 benefits.  

1. Decreases Lyme Biofilms

Biofilms are bacteria-base communities that create protein sugar films around them, which help them curb immune system attacks or antibiotics. These biofilms are known to reduce the efficiency of several Lyme treatments, because it makes treatment of the Lyme disease difficult. 

However, biocidin has many botanicals in its core, which stimulate the elimination or weakening of biofilms inside our bodies. This happens in many ways:

  • Biocidin prevents harmful bacteria from attaching to the biofilm surface. This automatically reduces the impact of the bacteria.
  • The capsules additionally decrease the quorum sensing activity of bacteria in the biofilm. It is an activity used by biofilm bacteria to communicate and strengthen. When this connection is broken, biofilm strength weakens and treatment becomes possible. 
  • Biofilms are known to use efflux pumps or a similar mechanism to eliminate antibiotics or immune responses. Biocidin also weakens this efflux pump, which inhibits the bacteria community from eliminating immune responses. 
  • With the help of germ swarming motility, biofilm bacteria spread in the whole body. Biocidin can reduce the swarming motility of bacteria, which improves treatment options. 

2. Reduces Drug Resistance

Due to the generation of biofilms in the body, patients can develop drug resistance. This is because biofilms eliminate antibodies, making our bodies resistant to certain drugs. When biocidin is offers with selective antibodies, these capsules can eliminate efflux pumps and improve antibody action. This means that our body also prevents flushing out medicines like doxycycline or Biaxin, which can help in Lyme bacteria treatment. 

The overall impact of biocidin capsules allows our bodies to eliminate drug resistance chances and improve treatment options for Lyme disease.  

3. Reduces Yeast Growth In Intestines

In Lyme disease, the patient has often been prescribe a series of herbal antibiotics and medications. This increases the risk of yeast growth in the intestine, which can lead to a decline in the entire body’s well-being.

Several people are already facing this issue even before starting Lyme treatment. This means these patients find it difficult to eliminate symptoms of chronic Lyme disease.

Biocidin capsules can be used to reduce yeast growth in the intestine, which improves treatment options for patients with Lyme disease.

4. Improves Heart Health

Our body has two types of cholesterol: HDH or good cholesterol and LDL or bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol contributes to heart health. When biocidin is consume regularly, it contributes to good cholesterol in the body and the elimination of triglycerides. 

When our body has an unhealthy gut, it leads to the formation of trimethylamine n-oxide, which is the reason for artery blockage. This blockage is the reason many people suffer strokes or heart attacks. 

Biocidin capsules can be used to decrease unhealthy gut bacteria and create a microbiome balance in the gut. This improves overall heart health.  

5. Improves Gut Health

When there’s an imbalance in the gut microbiome, our body reacts by creating more chemicals. These chemicals are not beneficial, as they cause inflammatory bowel disease, bloating, abdominal pain, cramps, and other similar symptoms. 

Since biocidin improves microbiome balance, it increases good bacteria in the gut, improving complete health. This also eliminates the chances of inflammatory bowel syndrome, gut syndrome, and other conditions, such as attaching of bacteria to the intestinal lining. 

6. Prevents Lyme Disease

People who have Lyme disease suffer from spirochetes and cysts in the body. Biocidin is bacteriostatic, which reduces bad bacterial growth in the body. It is also bactericidal, which means killing and eliminating bad bacteria from the body. Both these actions of biocidin help reduce cyst formation in Lyme disease. 

The combination of bactericidal and bacteriostatic improves the health of our body and offers strength to fight infections. 


Biocidin is widely referrers to as a super-compound. As it reduces many-body illnesses and imparts complete health to the individual. You can consume it in collaboration with other capsules to ensure comprehensive well-being. However, individuals with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes and heart issues, should take advice from a doctor before consuming a biocidin capsule. 

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