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7 Best Augmented Reality Apps To Try in 2023

Augmented reality Apps is a fascinating technology that sounds like a sci-fi concept. It has created a sensation in the market and across entire industries through its innovative ability.  Just turn on your camera, fix it to a particular environment and create a competitive view that you want to look at. The exciting features of AR technology have disrupted the whole user experience. 

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Especially for smartphone users, AR works like a magic tool that enables them to visualize their augmented real-world environment. And due to this, the number of augmented reality apps has increased dramatically in the past few years. If you are also looking for the best augmented reality to try in 2023, then this blog will give you an updated list. So, find out your best ones.

What is An Augmented Reality App?

Augmented reality app is a mobile application that allows users to visualize or stimulate a composite view of digital elements and a real-world environment. This app uses augmented reality technology that integrates digital elements with real-world scenes. AR apps not only combine virtual graphics but also other forms of digital content like audio, animations, and other things. 

Therefore, it is called an augmented reality application because it lets users view what they want to see in combination with real-world scenarios. A mobile app development company holds expertise in creating AR mobile apps or integrating augmented reality technology with existing applications. 

7 Best Augmented Reality (AR) Apps To Watch Out for in 2023

Augmented reality is trending a lot these days. People are looking for feature-rich augmented reality apps that give them exciting augmented viewing experiences and do many other things. So let’s see what are the top 7 best Augmented Reality Apps in 2023 that you shouldn’t miss to try.

1. BBC Civilisations AR

The Civilisations AR app is a fantastic augmented reality mobile application released by BBC. It gives users the ability to experience historical artifacts, monuments, and popular destinations in a unique way. It works as an educational app that is highly easy to use. 

Users simply need to turn their smartphone camera and point it to a particular location and they can see the historical artifacts on their mobile screen. It has more than 30 historical items that users can explore, admire and visualize in their living room or any desired location. BBC Civilisations AR is a futuristic AR app for people who are interested in knowing the history or getting a feel of a museum anywhere they wish. 

2. SketchAR

SketchAR is one of the most popular AR mobile apps which is grabbing the attention of people. This AR app has the capability to create instant sketch art of a real image or person. SketchAR is truly an amazing application for people who love to play with artistry. It is not just a sketch app but it works as a helping or assistant tool for artists. It actually projects a real-life image onto paper and allows the user to trace around it. 

So, it is not exactly tracing, but it helps the artist draw a picture properly while looking at the real image. SketchAR may appear to be a bit awkward- to use a phone while creating a sketch. But, its innovative capability to create real-life sketches makes it worth an augmented reality app to try in 2023. 

3. Pokémon Go

It would be injustice not to include Pokémon Go when we talk about top augmented reality apps. When this app was launched, it created a sensation all over the world through its fascinating AR-based gaming concept. This app gave a solid and entertaining reason to people to walk around and catch Pokémon. Pokémon Go intelligently and effectively uses augmented reality functionalities to allow users to play with virtual objects in real-life environments. 

As of now, this app has received various updates and new additional features like player-versus-player battles, raids, and trading.  Hence, it is expected that Pokémon Go will still continue to rock in the upcoming year. So, don’t miss this app to try. 

4. Ink Hunter

Ink Hunter is a really creative augmented reality mobile app to try out. This app allows users to visualize or try out ready-made tattoos or designs on their different body parts. It basically helps people decide or choose the tattoos where it suits the best. 

People using this app can orient the design in whatever position they want while holding the mobile phone camera. Previously, this app would support only black-and-white tattoos. But in the latest version, it supports colored tattoos and creative designs too. 

5. IKEA Place

IKEA Place is a popular augmented reality mobile application developed by IKEA-a world-known furniture brand. This is a kind of home-decor app that enables users to place virtual versions of home-decor items or furniture in rooms, or spaces. The IKEA Place app helps customers in making the right product decisions. 

By using this app, they can see what product or furniture fits best to a particular location and make the correct product selection. And interestingly, the app helped the company achieve massive improvement in their sales and reduce product return rates. 

6. Augment

This is a unique AR mobile application that lets users visualize 3D virtual objects in a real-life environment. Augment app allows users to capture their desired version of reality and display them a self-created virtual space. This app is used by retail and eCommerce companies to enable customers to try out products in 3D virtual versions. 

And thus, help them in making the right product purchase and selection. This app primarily caters to the business community. It provides AR SDK support to integrate augmented reality technology into their existing application or system. So the way businesses are adopting augmented reality the use of this AR app might be at the top. 

7. Google Translate

Google Translate is not a core AR-based mobile application. But it has some distinctive augmented reality capability that helps users incredibly in translating different languages. Google Translate creates the translated version of the text in real time wherever the device camera is positioned. 

It has a great ability to instantly translate any language and let the user visualize or see it on the mobile screen in real-time. Google Translate sets out to be an extremely useful tool for travelers and business people who face difficulty in dealing with different languages on the go.


Augmented reality ( AR) is evolving as a transformative technology for all. It empowers users and businesses with a next-gen digital visualizing experience. As consumers are looking for more exciting features in mobile apps, the dramatic jump in the popularity of Augmented Reality Apps has enhanced the curiosity about AR in 2023. 

And therefore, AR apps continue to rise. This increased demand for apps will help businesses save AR app development cost that are looking to build similar apps as their business model. 

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