3 Best and Cheapest Gaming Laptop Under £900

If you are a gaming freak, then all you need are the best and cheapest gaming laptop under 900 to give you what you need. It gives you the power-packed performance with the portability factor as well. But buying gaming laptops is quite expensive at times, and it is very difficult to find a cheap one. But have no fear when we are here. We are going to review the best and cheapest gaming laptops under £900. So, stick around. 

Top 3 Best And Cheapest Gaming Laptops under £900 in 2021

1. Lenovo Legion 5

First up on the list is Lenovo Legion 5. It is a great gaming laptop which you can get under £900. Lenovo Legion 5 is powered by AMD Ryzen 5 processor. It gives you the memory of 8GB RAM and a storage space of 256 GB SSD. It is also Windows 10 compatible, which means you get the best and smoothest interface for all your operations.  

This laptop gives you the display of 15.6 inches, which gives you the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The colors you see on this screen are great, and the overall picture quality is just breath-taking. You can easily enjoy your in-game visuals. It has the refresh rate of 120Hz and a quick response time of less than 1ms, which never let you experience even a single lag or motion blur. 

The lenovo legion 5 gives you the graphics support of NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 GPU. It gives you proper power to play all your favourite AAA games with ease. Playing your survival horror games like Resident Evil will feel just great.  

This laptop is equipped with the best cooling technology as compare to a gaming desktop pc, so you guys can enjoy your intense gaming sessions, without getting interrupted due to the over-heating of your laptop. 

2. ASUS ROG Strix G15

Next up on the list is Asus ROG Strix G15, which is unarguably among the best gaming laptop under 900. It has the processor of Intel Core i5 10th generation. It gives you the memory of 8GB RAM and a huge storage space of 256GB SSD. These specs work really well and never let the system slow down, even while you are multi-tasking or performing heavy demanding tasks. 

You get the wide screen display of 15.6 inches, which lets you enjoy the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The bezel is as thin as it can get so you can enjoy more screen to body ratio. You get to enjoy the in-game visuals which are larger than life. The colours are sharp and vivid. Every single detail can be easily seen on this display, even the drop of sweat on the forehead of your game character is visible.  

Now let us talk about the GPU of this gaming laptop. You get the power of NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650, which is adequate for you guys to take your gaming to the next level. You can play all the major heavy demanding games on it, like Resident Evil and Cyberpunk 2077. If you want the power of gaming in your budget, then this is the best option for you guys. 

3. Lenovo Legion 5i

Next up on the list is Lenovo Legion 5i, which is a remarkable gaming laptop under 900 to have in your gaming arena. It has the powerful processor of Intel Core i5 10th generation. The memory of this laptop is 8GB RAM, while the storage space you get is 256GB SSD. These specs are great to provide you fast-paced gaming, and also give you the freedom to complete your gaming collection on the huge storage space. 

Now let us talk about the display of this gaming laptop. It gives you the wide screen display of 15.6 inches, which gives you the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The bezel is next to zero which lets you enjoy the visuals to the fullest.  

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU gives you sufficient power to game the way you want to. You can perform all your other high-res demanding tasks with the help of this GPU as well, like multimedia editing and development. 

Bottom Line

Well, this was the review of best cheapest gaming laptops under £900. All of these laptops are great for all your gaming and computing needs. So, if you are still thinking then think no more. Visit and buy one of these, or choose from a wide collection of best gaming laptops. 

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