Best Medical University for Study MBBS in China

China has served to be the most affordable of countries to study MBBS. There are many good-ranked colleges in China that have the best quality education. The qualifications are also the same which are demanding in rest colleges around the globe.

Top 4 Best Medical University for Study MBBS in China in 2021

Let’s look at the top Four Medical colleges of China for Study MBBS in China with a good World Ranking:

1. Fudan University

With a World Ranking of 70 in the academic year 2021 and 56 in the academic year 2020. Fudan University is one of the best universities for study MBBS in China to have overall facilities at its peak. The services rendered to the students are best. The best thing about the university is that Fudan University offers 175 master’s and 137 Ph.D. programs to international student. 47 of which are taught in English for the understanding of students who do not understand Chinese. The University has got recognition from the World Health Organization (WHO) and National Medical Council (NMC). The location of the university is also good and hence easily reachable as well as accessible. And also the campus area is very big for all facilities to be fit into the campus with ease of the student’s access to the facilities.

The University has four campuses which have established a cover-up area of 2,440,000 square meters. Out of which 1,490,000 square meters of school buildings. The University has possession of 33 provincial key laboratories and 5 national key laboratories. Also, the university has 5 libraries that specialize in the field of medicine, liberal arts, and science. The library has a total collection of 5,190,000 books. The University has around 30,500 full-time students out of which 14,000 are master’s students and doctoral students,. Over 14,000 undergraduate students and around 3,400 international students as a whole.

2. Nanjing Medical University

With a World Ranking of 131, Nanjing Medical University is also good to go to college when giving a thought to study MBBS in China. There are over fifty national skills together with Academicians. Winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young students, distinguished professors of Yangtse watercourse students Program. Consultants of the One Thousand skills Project, and chief scientists of National 973 arrange and over 440 provincial and ministerial skills together with distinguished professors. Entrepreneurship and innovation skills and famed lecturers, additionally as twenty-eight provincial Teaching and analysis groups. In 2017, the full fund for research was ranked 71st among China’s universities, with per capita funds ranking thirty-sixth nationwide. Hence these courses make the college a bit different and a good college to be choosing by aspirants.

3. Huazhong University of Science and Technology

The Huazhong University of Science and Technology hierarchical 209 globally creating it additionally an honest hierarchical faculty within the world. The University has over 900 professors and one,300 associate professors, together with twenty-four academicians. Sixty-five professors receiving funds from the Cheung Kong students program, thirty-six winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young students. Thirty-six listed within the “National skills Project” and one hundred thirty-five young students. Huazhong University of Science and Technology covers a neighborhood of over one,153 acres with a picturesque atmosphere, elegant surroundings. The Huazhong University has seventy-two foliage coverage, that has been honor because of the “University within the Forest”. It offers its students and workers fantabulous supplying service, economical network service, and luxuriant library resources. The food facilities and hostel facilities build {this faculty|this school|this faculty} once more. The most effective chosen college around the globe and once learning in China.

4. Jilin University

There are more than fifty transmission and acquisition audio-visual school rooms. Specially made and twenty basic science laboratories are there. The University library, with its million-plus books, is selected because of the library of UNESCO, UNIDO, and World Bank. 

Jilin University has made tie-ups with over 289 universities, analysis institutes, and colleges in thirty-nine countries worldwide. 

Faculty consists of persons of high repute and specialists in their own fields. Proven to be one of all the foremost reputable and dependable universities The medium of study in English. A healthy mixture of world cultures thanks to the various overseas students.


When looking for studying at affordable rates and services, China is one of the most preferred countries overseas for study MBBS. The country offers quality colleges with quality education, food, and hostel facility. Which makes the country itself a chosen option, especially for medical aspirants. There are many top MBBS colleges that offer different programs for the aspirants to excel in the MBBS field. Anhui Medical University also has got a World Ranking of 974 overall which makes it a good college with all the facilities available in it. So, ending on the note that if you wish to study MBBS abroad, China is a good-to-go option.

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