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7 Best Medicinal Plants You Must Grow at Your Home

Our grandmother’s home medicines are well known; from a sneeze to a cut, grandmothers know exactly what to do and which combination to employ for a natural treatment. Some of these medicinal plants remedies or hacks may seem too strange to be true, but are they? From turmeric milk for a sore throat to onions for longer, healthier hair, some of these remedies or hacks may seem too strange to be true, but are they? Maybe they work in their way, or maybe it’s merely a psychosomatic interpretation of disease and grandma’s love and care? Some plants, according to science, have medical properties; imagine how our forefathers exploited them for a quick fix before modern medicine stepped in and took over! It’s always a good idea to have them on hand; you never know when you’ll need them. 

7 Best Indian Medicinal Plants You Must Grow at Your Home in 2021

Here’s a list of 7 must have best Medicinal Plants for home remedies to help you out.

1. Tulsi


Basil, often known as Holy Basil, has long been known for it’s extraordinary healing qualities. Tulsi is divide into four varieties in Ayurveda: Rama, Krishna, Vana, and Kapoor Tulsi. Tulsi can be use for a variety of purposes. It can be use to make herbal tea. The oil obtain from the Kapoor Tulsi plant is use to fight insects and germs. For Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, Rama Tulsi is a highly efficient treatment. Tulsi oil is frequently use to the ears as an ear drop. It aids in the treatment of malaria. Indigestion, headaches, hysteria, sleeplessness, and cholera are all treated with tulsi. Every day, millions of people ingest fresh Tulsi leaves. Tulsi beads, which are claim to have special physical and therapeutic characteristics, are worn by many individuals.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants are easy to grow at home and have numerous health advantages. It thrives in full sun and well-drained, dry, or moist soil. Despite its tastelessness, the plant is edible. Aloe vera sap can help to speed up healing and lower the chance of infection in a variety of wounds, cuts, and burns while also lowering inflammation. Aloe Vera is also use externally to treat skin and hair. Shopping indoor plants online and get it deliver at home offers various benefits for the living space as well as family members. 

3. Chamomile


Chamomile is a delicate and lightly scent flower that is knowing for its calming qualities. You may also be familiar with Chamomile tea, which is beneficial for anxiety and stress alleviation. All you need for a good night’s sleep is a cup of chamomile tea before bed.

4. Calendula


Calendula is also rather easy to grow, adapting to practically every soil type. It is a well-known treatment for bites, stings, sprains, wounds, and itchy eyes. You can also prepare a tea out of the petals, which improves circulation and helps with varicose veins if consumed consistently.

5. Ashwagandha


This ancient herb is most recognized for its stress-relieving properties. It improves your immune system, stimulates fertility, and helps with wound treatment, among other things. This herb is uses by a lot of skincare companies to make their solutions more effective. This herb is also commonly using in homeopathic remedies.

6. Stevia


Steviol glycoside is derived from Stevia and is 300 times sweeter than normal sugar. Because it does not affect blood glucose, it is appealing as a natural sweetener to persons on carbohydrate-controlled diets.

7. Fenugreek


Methi, also known as fenugreek, has a long history of being a popular medicinal plant, particularly in India. Poor digestion encourages weight gain, decreases blood cholesterol levels, drains sweat ducts, insufficient lactation, unpleasant menstruation, freshens up poor breath, inhibits liver cancer, labor pains, and more are all things that Indians utilize Methi for. A handful of Methi can be soak in water overnight and eaten first thing in the morning.

Final Words

Keep these medicinal plants on hand in case you need to perform some fast first-aid procedures.

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