Top 10 Places to Visit in UK For Holiday

When it comes to Europe’s top travel destinations, the UK always makes its place on the list. This English country is pack with thousands of historical and exotic places to explore. If you are planning the best places to visit in uk this year then it is the best time to do so. During these months the weather is quite warm and dry and you don’t have to deal with the usual English wet weather.

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The UK is made up of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England. Due to this, the UK boasts a huge diversity in geography, weather, culture, food, and lifestyle. You would just love to explore this destination no matter if you are planning a family vacation, visiting with friends, or even going solo.

This place has a rich history and will never miss an opportunity to entertain you. Make sure to enjoy every moment of your journey in this English nation by visiting its most popular and top travel destinations. All thanks to the size and location of this island country which makes it the hotspot for every travel freak. Now let’s read about 10 beautiful places to visit in UK:-Liike Cambridge, Lake District, Chester, Snowdonia, Cornwall, York, Edinburgh, Windsor, Cotswolds and Stonehenge etc. Let’s read one by one-

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in UK in 2021

1. Cambridge


One of the oldest English cities, Cambridge is located near the river cam and is pack with a lot of attractions. You wouldn’t believe it but this place has been attracting travellers for hundreds of years. Home to some of the world’s top universities such as the famous Cambridge University, this place has so much for the foreign students as well as the travellers.

The historical King’s College Chapel which lies along the Cam River is said to be the finest example of Gothic architecture. This site is quite popular in the city and drives thousands of visitors from almost every part of the world each month.

2. Lake District

Lake District

If you prefer wild locations instead of busy cities to explore while travelling then this is the best place to do so in the UK. The Lake District national park ranks second in the UK when it comes to its size and boasts a lot of surreal scenery. From vast lakes to mountains and from carved hills to green meadows, Lake District has many things to entertain you.

This tourist destination is located in the northwestern part of England and is easier to reach thanks to the UK’s best intercommunication facilities. It’s the perfect spot for climbing, hiking, trekking, and other adventurous activities. The beauty of this place is so amazing that it humbly welcomes more than 14 million visitors every year.

3. Chester


Welcome to one of the world’s oldest cities and the name is Chester. This destination is approximately 2,000 years old which means it consists of more history than your expectations. This amazing city lies along the famous River Dee which enhances its elegance in a completely different way. It consists of tons of historical sites that date back thousands of years.

The whole city is encircled by Roman-era walls. Those walls are now being converted to a walkway with an elevation that makes it easier for tourists to explore around the city on foot. You can also explore this city via waterways on a river cruise which will provide a unique atmosphere you have never experienced before.

4. Snowdonia


Another famous British natural park and this time it’s Snowdonia. If you are looking for an adventure trip then there is no place better than Snowdonia in the UK. It is the 3rd largest national park of the English nation and also consists of Snowdon Lake, the UK’s largest lake.

This popular tourist spot features a lot of natural beauty. Including rocky cliffs, beaches, lakes, meadows, mountains, valleys, castles, monuments, and the list goes on. It could be the dream destination for hikers, trekkers, mountain bikers, and adventurers. 

5. Cornwall


If you are a beach lover and want to explore a few English beaches then Cornwall could be the best place for doing the same. It is surrounded by seawater from almost every side and offers adequate marine life to its visitors. The rocky cliffs enhance the elegance of its seashores and add more nature to them.

The breathtaking beaches having golden sands are enough to satisfy your lust for beaches. Cornwall is also the place for hundreds of historical spots including many castles and other sites. It has many monuments associated with famous people including King Arthur, St Ives, etc.

6. York


The UK has an abundance of rivers and most of its famous cities lie along rivers. York city is also one of those and is located at the meeting point of river Ouse and River Foss. There are plenty of attractive tourist spots presented in York and no doubt you will love to visit those places.

Just like Chester, York also consists of medieval period walls around its boundaries. The best thing about this place is that it takes about just two hours to reach London city via train. York is blessed with both surreal natural beauty and exotic city life.

7. Edinburgh


Edinburgh is the place where history is blended with the modern world. This place proudly consists of 4,500+ historical sites and almost each of those spots is a must to visit the place. The famous Edinburgh castle situated on the hilltop represents the beauty of the old city. The old city is also the place to one of the world’s most famous streets and the name is Royal Mile. This famous street connects the famous Holyroodhouse palace and Edinburgh castle.

8. Windsor


Visit the famous Windsor Castle in Windsor city and get a boost of the UK’s rich history. This historical destination lies along the River Thames which is sometimes called the lifeline of England. The castle was used as a residence during summers by the Royal family for more than thousands of years. Windsor has multiple medieval period monuments and visiting one of them would be fun. 

9. Cotswolds


One of my personal favourite destinations, Cotswolds attracts a lot of visitors and you shouldn’t miss a chance to explore this awesome place. Covering more than 1,200 KM2 of the surreal countryside, Cotswolds is one of the UK’s most photographed destinations. This place is enough to offer you the real taste of authentic and rural British life.

Visit the famous local markets such as Tetbury, Castle Combe, etc to explore the local traditions and culture more. You can scout the whole city using the popular Cotswolds way. Travel to the UK’s highest peak, the famous Scafell Pike having an elevation of more than 900 meters.

10. Stonehenge


If you love to visit prehistoric sites more, the UK has a unique gift for you and the name is Stonehenge. This destination is considered among one of the world’s oldest sites approved by the World Heritage Site authority. Used as a place for worship by the prehistoric group of peoples, Stonehenge has evolved as one of the tourist hotspots among the Britishers as well as the foreigners.

Bottom Line:

Get most of your investment and efforts from your next travel trip by visiting the UK in the summer. This European nation has almost everything for everybody to entertain no matter if you are a teenager, office guy, person having babies, or a man/woman enjoying his/her retired life.

You can enjoy every moment of your travel as this place has so much to entertain you. There are a lot of popular places to add to your bucket list before travelling and I have mentioned the 10 best places to visit in the UK for your vantage. This worthy post will surely help you choose top UK travel destinations more easily.

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