Best Skype Call Recorder App For Android

Messaging apps seemingly are helpful for everyone these days. People love to use them for free messaging, chat conversations, and voice and video calls. The social messaging app skype has achieved milestones over the years, and it has become a widely used instant messaging app.

People are trying their best to read messages, chat, group chat, sent and received files. People have been unable to record Skype calls on android phones and tablets over the years, but today you can do it with the best Skype call recording app.

What is Skype call recorder app for android?

It is an application for cell phone devices that has come up with the scope and allows you to record one-sided voice calls on android devices secretly without root. This is a non-rooted android VoIP call recorder that allows you access to the phones and record voice calls incoming and outgoing of messaging apps to the fullest. It will send the one-sided skype voice and video calls and then send them to the secure web control panel.

This is the world’s first spy application that empowers users to listen to and record skype voice calls on a non-rooted mobile device connected to cyberspace. It also empowers you to monitor and track text messages logs, chat conversations, voice messages, voice and video call logs with the schedule.

What do you consider before choosing the best skype call recording app? 

If you want to track VoIP calls of a messaging app on someone’s android phone, you need to consider the following things before; you choose and install a call recording app for skype. 

  • The call recorder for android should be non-rooted for skype Voice calls
  • It remains hidden on the target cell phone device
  • It will remain hidden on a mobile
  • Also It supports Android OS version up to 11.0
  • It should be easy to install and works secretly 

You need to get your hands on the best cell phone monitoring software known as The One Spy phone spy app. It is a non-rooted application that allows you to record and monitor Skype voice calls and every activity that happens on a messaging app. However, you need to know why people want to record skype VoIP calls on Android. 

Who wants to record VoIP calls on android? 

Everyone nowadays is making cell phone calls, and voice calls on messaging apps for free. Therefore, people want to record calls on social networking apps. The law enforcement agencies, corporate sector, and individuals want to know what the target person is talking about on social messaging apps like Skype. So, TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app has come up with the most advanced features that track skype logs and VoIP call recorder tools.

There are following communities that are desperate to record skype Voice calls on android phones and tablet devices.

Parents want to listen to voice calls on android

Do you know why parents want to listen to every voice conversation of teens on messaging apps? Teens are addicted to instant messaging apps, and they interact with strangers via messages, and then start making voice calls on social media apps, like Skype and become the victim of date rape while meeting in person.

Therefore, parents want to monitor skype calls, messages, chat, media files, and voice messages and calls to the fullest.

Employers want to record Skype voice calls  

Business professionals hardly believe in employees because they could share business secrets with the competitors. Moreover, I want to listen and record voice messages and voice calls on android phones and tablet devices. They want to know what employees are talking about on business-owned phones using skype messenger.

 Skype is one of the authorized messengers at the workplace that employees can use for business deals on business-owned phones and PCs. Therefore, you can use a skype call recorder on your business android phones to make sure business safety to the fullest.

How does a Skype call recorder work?

You need to install TheOneSpy cell phone tracking software on your target device and further access to the web control panel. Moreover, activate the feature like IM’s chat spy and VoIP call recording for android and get the job done.


Gone are the days when you were unable to listen to your kid’s and employees’ voice conversations audio, and video on android phones using messaging apps. You can record and listen to voice calls with a skype call recorder. You need to install the best cell phone surveillance application on the target device and get the job done. 

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