How to Solve Canon Printer Troubleshooting Problems

In the current era of the technical world, the printer has become an important part of our offices and residential. there’s many various brands manufacture printer device among which Canon is the most popular one. Sometimes you are face Canon Printer Not Responding problems. Canon printer proffers a good range of advanced features and also gives fast print, copy and scan services. But it’s also the very fact that like every machine, the printer also faces some technical issues. At that time in time, getting related to expert tech specialists is the best choice to deal with your printer problems. once you contact them, you’ll obtain effective Canon Printer Troubleshooting guides in a cost-effective manner. in a few seconds, your printer’s issues whether or not they be nasty or easy will be exterminated from the basis.

6 Reliable Steps For Canon Printer Troubleshooting Problems

If you need to know more, then you’ll need to read this full blog post as here we’ve discussed the issue. Here are the essential canon printer troubleshooting guides in several steps to easily bring your printer back in operating condition quickly. So, let’s have a look at the below-noted points and follow the same accordingly:

Step 1

Check the indicator lights of your Canon printer whether it’s blinking in a specific pattern. Next, search your manual to see if there’s a corresponding error code. Follow the given prompted instructions in this manual for how to annihilate the associated problem. Now just continue with the next canon printer troubleshooting guides if it isn’t displaying any specific error code.

Step 2

In this step just ensure that the power cord cable is plugged into your wall outlet properly or not. The next step is to check whether the USB cable is firmly connected to your computer system or not. Open the top of the printer and perform an instant visual inspection to see if there’s a bit of paper stuck inside the paper tray.

Step 3

Restart your PC then try to print something new just in case the pc has stopped recognizing your printer or the print queue has stopped responding due to a software error.

Step 4

Now it’s time to go to your “Control Panel” setting option and then tap on the “Printers and Faxes” option. Click on the “Add A Printer” option if your Canon printer is not showing up in your list. Follow the on-screen instructions so your computer will run a test to undertake to detect the printer.

Step 5

Try to uninstall then re-install the Canon printer software and navigate to your browser. Open the official website of Canon Printer and download the most recent version of the software driver.

Step 6

Now it’s time to open up the Canon printer software in your computer system and choose the option “Properties” or “Options” tab. Click on any of the options “Test Alignment” or “Clean Print Heads,” depending on the version of your software. wait for the printer to end its alignment then print a test page. Check whether the test page printed has properly or not. If not, then it’s time to contact Canon customer care for repair or replacement options if it still isn’t working as expected.

Wrapping Up

Even though after doing all these methods your product issue wasn’t resolved, or if you need any more additional help, please create or log in to your Canon official Account to see your technical support options available at the website.

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