What is the Cheapest Way to Rent a Van in UK?

Most people prefer renting a cheap van for a short amount of time for various leisure, business, or household activities. Small vans are usually rented for leisure-based trips whereas larger vans are often rented for moving furniture, shifting, etc.

Before renting a van you need to consider what kind of van do you need. If you want to rent a van for your own self or for any other business-related reason, then you may need more than a normal car for that.

For renting a van the process is a bit different than what one would undergo if they were to rent a car. You need a valid ID, be aware of the preferred payment method and other important documents. Not to mention, you need to be 25 years of age or older to drive a heavier van.

These days there are so many good options for cheap van leasing, Ford transit courier and Volkswagen caddy, for instance, are one of the most used vans since the past year, and have proved to be quite popular.  Vans come in different sizes and different rates; you need to select one that suits your requirements the best.

How to Rent a Cheap Van in UK?

Regardless of the purpose behind your van rental decision know that there are some great vans options you can choose from and can rent for a short amount of time. You will find tons of great vans at cheap prices on enterprise and online as well.

If you feel that new vans may be too pricey for your budget and you just don’t think it is necessary to invest that much in a vehicle rental, then you also have a choice to rent an old yet decent van model, that gets the job done. The average van rental price begins from £26 and onwards, depending on the van model and the duration involved.

3 Best Cheap Van Rental Vehicle Options

The Ford Transit Van

This transit van’s engine is probably the best part of the vehicle. Ford vans are famous among the people of the UK and are loved by Brits all over. It’s not a minivan and you can comfortably fit in a lot of people for a trip because of its high roof. Other than leisure activity trips, the ford transit van is also convenient for business purposes.

Peugeot Low Loader

Peugeot low loader is a great cheap van for renting, especially when you need to consider moving out stuff. It is a pretty big van, with adequate space which can fit a decent number of boxes inside of it. This van is an ideal choice to rent and if you are looking to rent a decent van at a reasonable price, consider this one.

Volkswagen Caddy

The starry Volkswagen vehicle is a great minivan and is perfect for vacations, picnics, and family trips due to how comfortable it is. Volkswagen Caddy is a seven-seater van and is popular among other small vans, especially in the UK. it’s stylish, spacious and though it may be a bit high-end it is still a go-to choice by the English.

Final Words

Now that you’re aware of some of the best van rental options, go and look out for one that suits your budget and transport requirements.


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