DomainRacer vs Go4Hosting – Which is Better in 2021

Comparison is the only way to find out the better one between Domainracer vs Go4Hosting . And it becomes much easier if both things are related to the same business or the service. Measuring them on each parameter gives detailed insight into both companies. 

In this article, we are going to compare DomainRacer and Go4Hosting. We have collected the whole data of both the companies from trusted sources as well as from our own experience. In this article, we will share Best GoDaddy Alternatives for that are cheaper and reliable

At the end of the article, you will get comprehensively compared information about both web hosting companies so that you can make your own decision on whom to choose in between best and cheap DomainRacer and Go4Hosting.

DomainRacer Vs Go4Hosting: Introduction



DomainRacer emerged as a prominent name in the field of the web hosting business. In recent years it has gained huge popularity and customer base. Its data centers around the globe serving thousands of satisfied users. 

DomainRacer provides the cheapest web hosting plan to its users which costs less than a dollar. Along with the affordable pricing, it provides many advanced features that give an excellent user experience. 

DomainRacer’s hosting plan consists of unique features to boost your website speed, advanced security provision



Go4Hosting has been in the web hosting business since 2000. It is an India-based hosting company with a good customer base. It is basically a cloud web hosting service. Focuses on VPS and dedicated web hosting mainly. 

The company claims to provide excellent service in all aspects to the users but sometimes it has failed to deliver what they claim. Because many users have faced some bitter experiences while using Go4Hosting’s hosting service.  

Go4Hosting uses tier III data which promises to deliver a great user experience with the continuously updating latest technologies. They mainly focused on the Indian audiences. Now they are trying to expand themselves more in other countries too. 

DomainRacer vs Go4Hosting: Features 

Features are a must consider factor of any web hosting plan. Good features can help you in many ways to grow your website or blog on the internet. It’s always suggested to check out the features before investing in any hosting plan. 

DomainRacer Features – 

  • Unlimited SSD storage with unmetered bandwidth 
  • It offers 21x faster blazing LiteSpeed cache technology to boost your website speed
  • 7 Highest security provisions: The Imunify AV+, Imunify360, ModSecurity, PYXSoft, DDoS Protection, Email Spam Protection, Magic Spam Protection, and Firewall protection. 
  • CloudLinux infrastructure platform
  • Provides weekly backup with advanced JetBackup technology 
  • Unlimited Email IDs with the advanced Email management system 
  • One-click installation for 450+ applications including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and so more
  • Expert quality support available 24/7/365 to help you with anything 
  • Free website migration service 
  • Provides free website builder with SEO tool 
  • Provides easy-to-use c-Panel

Go4Hosting Features – 

  • VPS hosting and managed web hosting is the highly focused points 
  • Provides cloud-based hosting service 
  • Instant server deployment 
  • Unlimited disk space with bandwidth 
  • Free but limited Email addresses 
  • User-friendly control panel 
  • Custom SPAM filtering 
  • Leverage the user with a Carrier-neutral facility
  • Good customer support 

DomainRacer Vs Go4Hosting: Pricing Details 

Pricing is the most decisive factor from the user side while buying any web hosting plan. Users tend to go for the less expensive web hosting plan in order to save their money. Here we are going to check out the pricing details of both companies. 

DomainRacer Pricing 

DomainRacer provides various plans with flexible pricing rates and options. If you go for a three years plan you will get any plan at the cheapest rate in comparison to any other web hosting company. 

  • Basic Plan: This plan is best for the new bloggers or the small businesses having limited traffic. You can avail of this plan starting from $0.99/mo. 
  • Personal Plan: This plan is appropriate for the medium size blog or the business. It starts from $1.69/mo which is very affordable.
  • Silver Plan: This plan is suitable for heavy traffic websites or multiple medium size websites. It will cost you around $2.9/mo only. 
  • Advanced Plan: This plan comes with complete features and provisions to handle huge businesses, developers, and startups with a good user base. You can buy it at $4.29/mo. 

For more details visit the DomainRacer website. 

Go4Hosting Pricing 

As we discussed above Go4Hosting focuses on VPS and managed web hosting specifically. And we have the pricing compared to the shared web hosting of both the companies. It’s hard to tell whether they will keep selling shared hosting plans or not.

  • Home Plan: This is their basic where you get some good features and services. It starts from $1.34/mo.
  • Basic Plan: They mentioned the same features for all the plans on their website. This plan starts from $2.03/mo 
  • Value Plan: This plan starts at $2.37/mo. Just like other plans, they haven’t mentioned any features of this plan too. 

This was the pricing comparison between DomainRacer vs Go4Hosting. In this comparison, we consider shared hosting plans only. To know more about other hosting plans you can visit their website. 

DomainRacer Vs Go4Hosting: Uptime Comparison 

Uptime is an important factor to maintain the credibility of any website. Because it allows any website to be live on the internet. Uptime depends on the server of your web hosting company server. Click and find out more reasons for affordable Magento hosting, to strengthen performance optimization.

DomainRacer claims to provide 99.99% uptime for every website which will be hosted on their server. It is the highest possible uptime any web hosting company can provide. DomainRacer will never disappoint you in terms of uptime. 

Go4Hosting mentioned delivering 99.95% uptime on their website. But many users have complained about their poor uptime service. According to the users, some of them have experienced terrible uptime for their website without any prior notice. 

DomainRacer Vs Go4Hosting: Speed Comparison 

Website speed is one of the most important factors in order to SEO. a website having better speed tends to rank higher than a website with lower speed. So never underestimate the speed factor. 

We have few figures from DomainRacer and Go4Hosting regarding speed and overall performance. Instead of writing down the figures, we would like you to have a look at these numbers which are taken from the highly authorized tool. 


DomainRacer Website Speed


Go4Hosting Website Speed

DomainRacer Vs Go4Hosting: Which is the Best One in 2021?

So far we have compared both the hosting companies on various parameters. The factors we compared are pretty enough to make a final decision about the best hosting company between the duo. 

By looking at the data we have represented in this article anyone can easily conclude which is the best hosting company between DomainRacer and Go4Hosting. DomainRacer is dominating in each and every factor we have mentioned above. 

So we suggest you go with DomainRacer without any single thought. Anyone can recheck the data we have represented through this article. And not only for Go4Hosting, but DomainRacer is also the best replacement for any web hosting.


DomainRacer has proven much better than Go4Hosting in every aspect in order to get the best web hosting service. Always go with the right and trusted web hosting company. Because web hosting is the most important factor for a website. 

Never get influenced by the advertising or the marketing strategy of any web hosting company like Milesweb vs Bluehost. The best way to choose a web hosting company is the comparison. You can compare DomainRacer with any other web hosting company. 

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