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Important Features Of C Language – Reason Behind Its Popularity

The C language is a procedural programming language that is popular nowadays. Dennis Ritchie created the C language for the first time in 1972. Primarily was created as a system programming language for developing operating systems. Low-level memory access, a minimal set of keywords, and a clean style are all properties of the C language. That makes it suited for system programs. It can be an operating system or compiler development.

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Have you ever wondered why the language C remains so popular? Today, two powerful programming languages are there that is Java and Python. These programming languages dominate the whole industry. So, the question is – What makes C so unique or popular? Why are C professionals in demand in the workplace? The answers to these questions are the features of the C language. The characteristics of the C programming language will provide you with an overview of its characteristics. So, don’t spend any more time looking into the features of C language.

Do You Want To Know About C Language?

C language is a general-purpose as well as a procedural language. It offered both high-level and deep functionality needed to programme an operating system. C programming achieved importance in the 1980s as a programming language. That for mainframes, microcomputers, and minicomputers. C programming language has become one of the most extensively used programming languages.

C programming language introduces various new languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, and PHP. In reality, many of these languages’ control structures and other fundamental aspects are derived from C.

8 Important Features of C Language

Have A Look On The Important Features of C Language;-

Procedural language

A procedural language C has predefined instructions carried out step by step. The C programme may have several functions to accomplish a certain job. Newcomers to programming will believe that this is the only way a programming language can function. In the computer world, there are other additional programming patterns. An object-oriented programming language is the most widely used pattern.

Fast and efficient

Newer languages such as Java, PHP and python have more features than C. But their performance rate suffers due to the added processing in these languages. The C programming language is a middle-level language. Allows programmers to manipulate computer hardware directly, but higher-level languages do not. That is one of the reasons why the C programming language is regarded as the best place to begin learning programming languages. Statically typed languages are quicker than dynamically typed languages; thus, it’s quick.


Modularity is the idea of saving C programming language code. This programming language performs relatively little on its own. Its libraries hold most of its power. The C programming language includes its library to tackle common issues.


Another advantage of the C programming language is its portability. The C programmes are machine-independent. That may run a part written in C code on various processors. There should be little or no machine-specific modifications. As a result, it allows you to use the same code on numerous systems, depending on your needs.


The C programme can be simply extended. It implies that if a programme is previously created, you may modify it to add new functionality. It lets you extend an existing C programme with new features, capabilities, and actions.


C has a large variety of libraries and some built-in functions that make programming easier. These built-in utilities make coding simple for even the most inexperienced programmer. User-defined functions can also be created and added to C libraries. Because of the wide range of functions and operations available. A programmer may create a wide range of programmes and applications.


In C, you may interact directly with memory by using pointers. Pointers point to a specific area in memory and interact with it directly. Using C pointers, you can work with memory, arrays, functions, and structures.


Recursion is an important features of C language. It is, like loops, refers to the ability to define a function. That can call itself several times until a particular condition is met. In C programming, recursion offers the feature of code reuse and backtracking.


C programming is still quite popular across the world. The main reason for this is the language’s distinctive capabilities. That has been discussed before about some of the most important features of C programming language. Several firms and enterprises are still trying to employ C programming. 

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