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10 Safe Haircut Tips For Men in Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has diversified the life around us. We want to avoid social gatherings, physical touch and meetings as we feel unsafe. Majority of us are working from home and unable to fulfill our beauty and grooming needs. As the spread of the virus affected every part of life, so happens with the salons and spas.

Online salon booking apps are becoming common to experience a safe and hygienic environment. When the salons will start to resume, we have to follow precautions and few safety haircut tips. That’s why, we would be telling you important tips and precautions to keep in mind while visiting the hair salon. If you follow these health advice, you can stay protected. Let’s read on the 10 safe haircut tips for men in Covid-19 Pandemic.

10 Important and Safe haircut tips for men in Covid-19 Pandemic

1. Pre appointment booking

Gone are those days when you randomly visited the salon without any prior appointment. Nowadays, you should schedule the appointment before visiting the salon so that you don’t have to wait there for your turn. It eases out many things such as waiting in the lobby with other people, wastage of time, chances of coronavirus spread. Online appointment assists you in online salon booking. You can schedule real-time appointments with any salon.

2. Cashless payment

Cash payment should be cut down as it is likely to have more chances of coronavirus spread. Go for cashless payment, it’s the safest way. Online salon booking app helps to make the payment online after scheduling the right appointment. They have the safe and secure payment option for all common people.

3. Wear mask

Don’t forget to cover your mouth and nose. While you are having the hair services, keep your mask on. Wear it all the time after, before or during the services. Make sure the hairstylist should also wear the mask. The most important health precaution right now is wearing a face cover. It’s not possible to keep a social distance with the hairstylist during the haircut. Try to maintain the distance as much as possible. Spread of viruses increases when indoors.

4. Go for sanitized and hygiene salon

Would you like to visit an unhygienic and shattered salon? No, right! Especially in covid-19 pandemic cleanliness is highly important. It’s a difficult task to choose a sanitized salon. But not anymore! Because an online salon booking app helps you in choosing the salon that maintains hygiene. Zoylee app has collaborated with all sanitized and clean salons to help common users. 

5. Avoid waiting in salon

Waiting in the salon with other people in the waiting area is not safe at all. Book your appointment in advance so that you don’t need to wait. Consider online salon appointments with the app to get the slot reserve according to available time. This also helps the salon to lessen their burden. After that, you have to visit over there at scheduled time. That it is.

6. Visit nearby salon

Travelling distant salon for haircut, grooming or beauty treatments might not be a wise decision. When you are able to find sanitized, premium quality, affordable prices, pre booking services with nearby salons, then why consider distant ones. Make sure to select smartly by checking the ratings and services on the salon booking app. You should take the safety measures to avoid traveling for long distances, this can spread the virus.

7. Sanitized tools and equipment

The tools and equipment that the stylist is using should be sanitized and clean. The equipment such as combs and scissors touched different customers and surfaces. The haircut treatment requires touch between you and the tools. Hence, you should ask the hairstylist to sanitize all the equipment. Dirty tools can lead to the spread of coronavirus from one person to another.

8. Wash hands after receiving service

Make sure to wash your hands or sanitize after experiencing the haircut treatment. You might or might not touch the surface, hair or tools, but wash your hands. Washing the hands is the most important health precaution that everyone should follow. Germs and viruses, when stuck in your hands, can harm you if you touch your mouth, nose or eyes. Keep sanitizer always in hand when heading out, and keep sanitizing after a few intervals.

9. Don’t touch surfaces

You should avoid touching the surfaces in the salon. Because hundreds of people are coming there, they might touch the surface. And you don’t know if they leave the virus over the surface. Therefore, avoid touching any object, surface or equipment. If by mistake you touched any of these, wash or sanitize your hands immediately. So, keep in your head and avoid this mistake as much as possible.

10. Avoid unnecessary time in salon

Don’t spend unnecessary time in the salon. If you need the haircut then you should only visit there. If you want a haircut and hair spa, then visit at once to take both the services. Again and again going there may increase the chances of coronavirus spread. Also, reduce the risk by following measures, precautions that take close contact and less time. 

Choose the appointment time when you experience less interaction with people.

Wrap up

These are the important haircut tips to opt while having a haircut. As the lockdown will start to reopen, a lot of us will go for hair treatments, haircuts, beauty treatments etc. Online salon booking is here to ease the visit after stores get normal. You can schedule the appointment, avoid waiting time, get a sanitized salon, online transaction, and many more things. 

Hope you get your next visit safe and secure with the Zoylee app– India’s leading platform for online salon appointments.

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