Helpful Hampta Pass Trek Guide For Beginners in 2022

A place which is next to Heaven with its bewitching views. Hampta pass trek is also one of the most Famous and Adventurous treks all over the country. The place has all the qualities to keep you thrilled and buoyant. The scenery here keeps on changing every few hours and impresses you more than before. With majestic mountain ranges, magnificent Peaks, gushing streams, scented flowers, and charming meadows. It will be an experience that you will keep repeating in your dreams all your life. So, to live this dream, there are certain things one needs to know before going to Hampta Pass Trek and the following is the helpful & best Hampta pass trek guide for beginners in 2022.

About the Hampta pass trek

The Hampta pass trek rests in the Pir Panjal ranges in Uttrakhand, bridging between the two beautiful and serene valleys. Lahaul’s Chandra valley and the Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh. Situated at a height of 14,100 ft and stretching for 35 km, the place offers one of the most fantastic crossovers. As it connects the Charming and cascading water streams and charming meadows of the Kullu valley to the deserted and snow-covered terrains of the Spiti Valley The starting and ending points of the hampta pass trek are Manali Base camp and it is a moderately difficult trek but the place will engage you with its serene beauty all the time. 

How To Reach Hampta Pass Trek From Delhi?

The Hampta pass trek starts from Manali. Manali is, of course, a very famous hill station and thus has many options to reach hampta pass trek from Delhi. One can take a flight from the airport, or take a bus from Delhi which will take around 15 hours to reach Manali. one can reach the place even by their own vehicles as well, via road. 

By Air

To reach Hampta pass, the nearest airport is in Bhuntar. The distance between Delhi to Bhuntar by Flight is 364 Km. You can take a taxi from Bhuntar to jobra will cost approximately Rs, 3000/-. The airlines that you can take are Air India flights from Delhi.

By Road

You can also reach Hampta pass by the road. The Distance between Delhi to Hampta Pass by Road is 634 Km. you can take an overnight bus from Delhi to Manali. Manali is well connected to cities by road. The Uttarakhand roads are in good condition but there are sudden landslides in the monsoon time. The bus from Delhi to Manali can take around 15 hours. Tickets are available online on Goibibo, Redbus and Hrtc etc. You can book your online bus tickets. The Delhi to Manali bus fare starts from INR 530 if you go through the red bus.

By Train

You can also reach hampta pass trek from Delhi via train. The nearest railway station to Hampta Pass is the Jogindernagar railway station. We do not recommend you travel by train in pandemic time.


The Hampta pass trek is easy-moderate and takes around 5 days and 4 nights to be completed.

Best time to visit hampta pass trek?

The trek caters to the preferences of all. Be it the woollen-wrapped lover of the snow or the Summer-time lover of the green vegetation, everyone can trek here, but at different times. For the people who want to wander in the vast expanse of white, with mountains covered with snow, and chilly winds blowing, they should hampta trek in the months of June-July. The weather goes in the negative up to even 15, and is super cold with abundant snow all around, giving scenic beauty to the place.

But if you are amongst the people who want their sensitive skin to be touched by the warmth of the sun and trek around gushing water streams, thick forests, charming meadows, blooming flowers, and with sights of Flora and Fauna all along, then Mid-July to starting of the October is the best time to visit hampta pass trek.

5 Amazing Places that go through via Hampta Pass trek


Jobra is the place where the real trek starts. It takes you through beautiful views and forests of Pine, Green Maple, and Birch trees on an easy trek from Chika. It is an easy trek. The water, whiter than crystals, flows alongside, making the 2 km trek more beautiful, the vegetation, with lush green trees all around, adds to the beauty of the place. 


From Chika, it leads to another picturesque location, with a rocky terrain to reach there. The rocks while making it touch to trek also beautify the place, with the way they are arranged. Water streams flow right from the Himalayas treks and splash at the rocks that come in their way. This encounter of the white and gray gems of nature looks so heavenly, justifying the title of the place.  In this white and gray frame, comes bright contrasting hues. One gets to enjoy the presence of beautiful and colourful flowers that come along the way, the trek ends at Balu K Ghare.

Balu Ka Ghera

Balu ka Ghera to Shea Goru is the longest one in the trek and goes via Hampta Pass. Not only the longest but also a challenging one, the day asks for strength and stamina as the place is situated at a high altitude of 4270 mt. High alleviation also means amazing views of the surroundings with mountains covered in fog, totally divine. Trekking and skiing on the vast expanse of white, It feels as if Himalaya is tempting the trekkers to sneak a look at its godly secret. Fill your cameras with the snaps and stare into the beauty of the place with naked eyes and let the soul feel each breath of the place.

Lahaul and Spiti Valley

After crossing the pass, one gets to encounter a different valley that is Lahaul and Spiti Valley, which itself is a very famous place. It holds its fame due to its desert mountains. 

Chandrakala lake

While leaving the place, Chandrakala lake offers the last stunner of the Hampta pass trek. A calming blue lake, moving with light breeze bids a Goodbye to the trekkers headed towards Manali.

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