How Offerwall Monetization Can Generate a New Earnings Source for Your Game Apps

The offer wall has been chosen as the best mobile game monetization concept. In 2022, the offerwall will still be one of the most widely used methods of monetizing mobile games. 

Offerwall enables game developers to monetize apps to optimize income, foster engagement, and retain gamers’ involvement by offering a clear value exchange.

What exactly is offerwall?

The offerwall is a type of advertising that game creators employ to monetize their apps.

Offerwall monetization can be very successful for game creators. Customers are provided with an appealing opt-in monetization option, boosting revenue and user engagement.

A user and advertising marketplace is an offerwall. They work well for casual games like puzzle, arcade, and lifestyle titles as well as mid-core RPGs and strategic games for mobile devices.

An in-app offerwall offers players another opportunity to interact with their favourite games when they don’t want to make an in-app purchase, which is one of its main benefits. 

Offerwalls have been discovered too often to enhance conversion rates and average expenditure per user by promoting higher levels of user engagement.

How Offerwall works


Utilize the game’s traffic drivers to access the offerwall, and then select the greatest offer to win a lucrative reward currency. Recognize the procedures required to carry out the offer. Follow up on each task’s progress when the work is finished, and get the reward currency.

When a player doesn’t want to make an in-app purchase. An in-app offerwall allows them another method to interact with their favourite games. By encouraging greater levels of general involvement, offerwalls have been found to frequently increase conversion rates and average expenditure per user.

Game developers who use the rapid-reach have unmatched eCPMs that are 20X higher on average than those who solely use rewarded video. Offerwalls can significantly increase your revenue.

They offer incredibly high eCPMs to game developers. This is done so that marketers will have the money to invest heavily in events and premium users.

This is assists publishers in maximizing the value of each player by monetizing the majority of non-spenders.

Users can receive tailored assistance via the device and on social media. The Rapidoreach Offerwall keeps your most devoted users engaged for longer by giving them a second way to get virtual cash.

5 reasons why game app developers should move to offerwalls:

game app developers


Offerwall surveys are fun for gamers and have a game-like feel to them.


Its responses are more tailored to the user. Gamers can voice their opinions by responding to offerwall.


Offerwalls give gamers regularly new, worthwhile, and engaging activities that are not repetitious.

Highly Rewarding

Offerwall surveys help gamers save more money by giving them access to more bugs.

Complete opt-in control

Players can respond to a survey at their own pace and with more discretion. Players get a greater sense of control over what they perceive.

Rapidoreach makes it simple for publishers and developers to integrate this into their games. When rewards are offered, gamers participate in the surveys longer.

Implement Offerwall Monetization With Rapidoreach

The promotion of various digital items is made simple for thousands of mobile game publishers and developers by Rapidoreach and other offerwall companies.

Make sure your offerwall provides a consistent and satisfying user experience as become more prevalent in the in-app ecosystem. That implies complete control over conversion rates, display frequency, branding, and other factors.

There are easy ways to maximize it as a revenue stream if you’re ready to start using them. The offer will makes it feel continuous to your game, much like segmenting your users.


The offerwall for game developers can be used effectively to enhance retention and conversion, draw more freemium players, raise payment, and function well with the present monetization system.

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