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How to Book Bridal Services Through Zoylee App?

Introduction- Zoylee App

Zoylee is a hyperlocal, on-demand appointment booking platform for all types of bridal service. Including beauty, grooming, and personal care services. The zoylee app has been designed to bridge the gap between salons, spas, beauty parlors. Also end consumers by bringing them on a common unified platform; Zoylee acts as a single point of contact to facilitate easy bookings and delivery of services. As a part of Zoylee Partner, you can conveniently enlist your business on our easy-to-use Zoylee App. Including the service name, pricing, discounts and offers, artists, offered packages, etc. Zoylee aims at becoming your technology partner and enables you to strengthen your online presence and increase your brand’s visibility while opening new ventures for sales.

Types of Bridal Services

The Zoylee online salon, salon and bridal services app offer 3 types of bridal services. For customers, on the other hand, Zoylee App offers the easiest way to book the preferred services in advance, reach the location exactly at their selected time slot and enjoy a waiting-free service. Zoylee operates by appointment in the leafy suburb of the city. It also ensures the use of organic products where available. It guarantees to give premium results to all skin types. Zoylee also aims to take a holistic approach to skincare and health and is passionate about creating a space of peace and serenity for the customers while offering different bridal services. The three types of these bridal services are completely different to each other, and a client can choose any of the three types according to the requirement and budget. These include:

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1. Normal Package

The normal package includes Full Body Waxing, Full Body Polishing, Full Body Bleach, Manicure, Pedicure. Along with these, it also involves 1 Session O3+ Facial, 1 Session O3+ Clean-up, Threading Full Face, Hair Spa & Bridal Makeup (normal). It normally takes about 270 minutes, and the charges are about Rs 15300.

2. HD Bridal Package

The HD bridal package includes Full Body Waxing, Full Body Polishing, Full Body Bleach, Manicure, Pedicure. This package also includes 1 Session O3+ Facial, 1 Session Lotus Facial, Threading Full Face, Hair Spa & Bridal Makeup (HD). This bridal service takes about 345 minutes, and the cost is about Rs 19550.

3. Air Brush Package

The AirBrush Package involves Full Body Waxing, Full Body Polishing, Full Body Bleach, Manicure, Pedicure. In addition, it also includes 1 Session O3+ Facial, 1 Session Gold Facial, Threading Full Face, Hair Spa & Bridal Makeup(Airbrush). This bridal service takes 350 minutes and charges about Rs 25500.

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How to book bridal services through Zoylee app?

With the invention and progress of technology, almost everything has become digital and extremely easy to do on the tip of our fingers. Similarly, booking online bridal services has been made easy with the help of the development of the Zoylee app. The best advantage about Zoylee is that you can book an appointment through the official website and its application. The Zoylee app also provides you with the top salons that provide the best online bridal service. Let’s take a look at the 5 steps you need to follow to book the bridal spa services at Zoylee.

Step 1: Visit the website or the application of Zoylee, whichever you want to book an online hair spa appointment from.

Step 2: Select the top-quality packages under the categories section and choose bridal according to your convenience. Look at the reviews for bridal services, and based on that, select the salon you want.

Step 3: After selecting the salon, choose the type of bridal service you want to be based on the requirements for your special day.

Step 4: So after Choosing the service, select a time slot according to your comfort and convenience.

Step 5: After Selecting the time, you have to click the book, and you have got yourself an appointment for bridal services just by sitting at home.

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The process of taking care of your bridal look has become a very integral part of our lives, all the wear and tear our hair and skin on this special day goes through by the pollution and dirt is just immeasurable. This is the reason why bridal service is here for your rescue. With the assistance of the best bridal services, booking apps like Zoylee get plenty of deals and offers and discounts. Therefore, you can easily book an appointment for any bridal service from the comfort of your home and bid goodbye to all your wedding day problems.

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