Important Tips To Make Sure Your Book Cover Stand Out

When you go to a bookstore or library, many books cover surprise you. Even if it is a small bookcase, the books are clear at first sight. Sometimes this causes a lot of problems because the book is difficult to choose from many books. The design of the book cover that can be remembered here can play that role. The exclusive book covers can force the customer to pick it up and scan your page. In a world where people’s attention is rapidly waning, book covers are thriving on attracting potential customers. There is no doubt that a book is judged by the cover.

Designing a book cover has never been easier. With online resources, book cover design agency and even online tools that provide book cover design services, the potentials are boundless. One of the most interesting things about publishing a book is designing the book’s cover – you have to be in a hurry! However, there are some aspects to consider before driving at full speed. You may have spent decades or years writing a book, so why start the cover design process? 

In this blog post, we share the most important tips to make sure book design stands out and how to know what’s right for you–whether you’re going to do it yourself or hiring a book cover design company!

7 Important Tips To Make Sure Your Book Cover Stand Out

Make The Book Title Prominent

The title of the book is the main focus of the book cover and must be prominent. Its name conveys the essence of the book and distinguishes it from other books on the shelf. Imagine that there are different titles on store shelves or computer monitors. How do they differentiate your book from other books? If you want to attract readers, they can find the title without searching.

Many people buy books online. This means that while the size of a book’s screen is only a fraction of its actual size, it should be easy to read. Even on a small device, potential readers should be able to read the book’s title. So, whatever you do, make sure that the cover design does not interfere with the title.

Keep The Book Cover Design Simple

Well, this is the advice that professional cover designers give enthusiasts over and over again. The advantage of keeping it simple is that everyone can know your message, regardless of its relevance. But that does not mean that the cover should reveal all the details of the internal content. This means that certain influential elements must inform viewers or users of what’s inside the book.

Choose Fonts And Colors That Supports Readability 

The cover of the book should be easy to read. This may seem understandable, but it is natural to say it anyway. When design options interfere with readability, they can impair your ability to communicate with the viewer. If no one sees the title, summary, and comments, there is no point in sharing them. Therefore, choose fonts and colors that support readability.

Printing And Digital Features 

When creating a design for printing purposes, its accuracy must be greater than that of the eBook version of the cover. Therefore, when you want to extract a model, saving it as a smaller file may not work well. For example, you cannot expand a 72ppi web-based file for printing. It is best to set the file to 300ppi. If you are an author and are planning an e-book, first consider a printable design, as you can publish the book for printing in the future.

Respect The Audience 

Books are not made from scrap. They are not just the embodiment of the writer’s creativity. The content requires a form, and the form affects how the content is used. Every art has an audience, and books are no exception. Therefore, good book cover design does not just mean expressing the stories and ideas behind the books. This is part of marketing. Therefore, it is important for the intended person. 

The ultimate goal of good book design is to get people to respond. You want readers to say, “Wow! I have to read.” For publishers: “We can print this out.” For writers, you want them to say: This expresses my thoughts better than I do! “

Visual Branding 

Is the design on the cover of your book the same as in the previous series? In that case, use the same fonts, images, typography, drawings, and other elements on the cover of this book. When readers see these elements, they remind them that this book is another part of the last series. If you use social media pages to promote previous book series, make sure that the pages and elements of the book cover are still on the cover of the new books to keep the brand consistent.

Consider The Size Of Your Book Cover 

Remember that in today’s digital era, products are sold online. Many online study sites, such as Amazon, sell books. As a writer, you also want to sell your book online. However, the cover image will appear as a thumbnail on the website where the book is sold. This requires the adoption of book designs that are equally impressive for small miniatures. That’s why people like simple designs and few details.


An appealing book cover design is a way to attract readers and potential buyers. Independent writers should pay attention to the concept, color, font, and simplicity of the cover. However, it must be a scalable design that looks small and can be used to sell books online.

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