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Is Bathroom Automation The Future of Smart Bathroom?

The world is changing and everything is upgrading quicker than ever. In earlier times, generations were just concerned about the functionality of their surroundings but the present generation, and future generations to come, demand luxury and they deserve it too. In this hectic world around us, we are taking every help possible to make our lives easier. People are moving towards having smarter homes with complete bathroom automation. However, despite all the high-tech gadgets and the right products, there’s still one room that we all forget to automate: our bathrooms. With full washroom automation, we can all enjoy the luxury of having smart bathrooms.

Some features of a smart bathroom automation –

One might say that smart bathrooms do not need any upgrades but our products can change anybody’s perspective about it. Here are some suggestions for improving your home by putting leading-edge technology into your bathroom automation –

1. High-tech toilets

In our ideal smart bathroom, everyone has a bidet – complete with seat-warming capabilities and cleansing jets. The basic commode has gone a long way in recent years. Some experts have even suggested toilets that analyze the contents to monitor the user’s health alongside being sustainable by minimizing water usage. After decades of simple flushers, today’s cutting-edge versions have a variety of technological improvements and features. Some of these include:

Motion-sensing toilets

Well, there is no doubt about the fact that touchless toilets are far more hygienic than the old conventional ones. They save us all from the embarrassment of a ‘forgot-to-flush’ situation. Pre-programmed motion sensors can also control the lid and flush, automatically.

Toilet seat warmers

This technology will save you from preparing yourself to sit down on the commode during the chilly winter’s time. In a situation like this, a heated toilet seat is the ideal answer.

Paperless toilets

Bidet-style toilets have long been quite popular and many are embracing them as a more hygienic as well as eco-friendly toilet option. 

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2. Tubs and Showers

As the future of bathtub or shower designs, water-conserving showers and baths, along with the ones that relieve tension by using Chroma therapy, are being proposed to customers. Some of the suggested products include –

Soaking tubs

I think we all will agree that showers are great for a quick clean, but to truly relax, there’s absolutely nothing like sitting in a steaming hot tub. The stand-alone soaking tub is the epitome of the modern versions available in the market. 

Rainfall showerheads

If tubs aren’t really your style, then you can always go for a rainfall showerhead. Some users claim it to be their most relaxing shower experience ever. 

Mood-enhancing lighting

Recently, Chromatherapy lighting technology incorporating bathroom amenities are in trend. If you don’t know, Chroma therapy is a coloured light therapy that is a popular healing modality that helps in keeping a balance between the body and the mind. 

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3. Mirrors

A very prominent symbol of future bathroom automation is the smart mirror. Imagine brushing your hair whilst reading the news or checking your health report for the day. Interesting, right? Now, what if I tell you that all of this is possible, and in near future, our mirrors will outdo our expectations. As bizarre as it may sound, these versions of a smart mirror are already on their way. 

These are only a few of the future smart bathroom’s possibilities. We can imagine anything from body dryers to heated towel drawers, health-checking toothbrushes to stumbling-alerting floors. All of this might sound unreal, but bathroom automation is a technological milestone to be experienced soon. In fact, many of these once-fanciful technologies are already making their place in the industry. It may be sooner than we think before they are extensively used by all around us.

Final Words

So, if you are someone who is looking forward to renovating his/her bathroom into the epitome of smart bathroom automation, Euronics are your key. Take your bathroom to a whole new level by letting our experts help you. 

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