Judges, Squad Bosses, Contestants & Cast of MTV Hustle Season 2.0 Show

MTV Hustle is India’s very first rap and hip-hop reality show. Many contestants fight it out to become India’s biggest hip-hop star. The MTV Hustle 2.0 television show telecast on MTV India and also digitally streams on Voot .

After the huge success of season 1, MTV hustle season 2 will be coming soon and many rappers right now are trying to figure out more about it. 

MTV Hustle Season 2 released on 3 September 2022.  This television show is hosted by Krissann Barretto, MTV Hustle 2.0 is judged by Badshah along with four squad bosses.

MTV Hustle 2.0 Judges Name List

  • Badshah
  • Raftaar
  • Rajakumari
  • Nucleya

Squad Bosses For MTV Hustle Season 2

The famous Indian artist and singer Badshah is named as the head judge of the MTV Hustle 2.0 show. While the popular rappers King, Dino James, EPR, and Dee MC are the 4 squad leaders.

Among these 5, Two appointed squad leaders are the previous contestants from MTV Hustle Season 1 i.e. EPR and King. The EPR and King turned out to be Exceptionally Well known because of  Hustle Season 1. Dino James is also a Well known YouTuber  and a Rapper with over a Million Subscribers. 

Dee MC also known as Deepa Unnikrishnan is an amazing figure in the Indian hip-hop field. Having represented India universally in Canada, UK as well as Belgium, Dee showed up as herself in the movie “Gully Boy” released on 14 February 2019. Badshah is one of the Most Popular Artists in Hustle season 2. Obviously, Everybody knows who Badshah is in the MTV Hustle 2.0 television show.

A Squad Boss will be in charge of the candidates during this season. Here is the MTV Hustle 2.0 Squad Bosses name list:-

  • King
  • EPR
  • Dino James
  • Dee MC

Contestants & Cast of MTV Hustle 2.0 with Real Name & Photos

Cast of MTV Hustle 2.0

MTV Hustle Season 2 is now streaming on MTV India and Voot Channel. The Hustle season 2 has currently released its first episodes on 3rd September. Read here all the contestants or cast of MTV Hustle 2.0 with their real name & photos.

  • Gravity
  • Wicked Sunny
  • Shrusti
  • Spectra
  • GD 47
  • QK
  • Super Manikk
  • Paradox
  • UK Rappy Boy
  • UNB
  • Panther
  • Nazz
  • MC Square
  • Khanzadi
  • MC Headshots

MC Square (Abhishek Baisla)

MC Square
MC Square

Abhishek Bensla is an young Indian rapper and composer from faridabad, Haryana. He is better known by his stage name MC Square. MC Square is the winner of MTV Hustle season 2 and now he gained more popularity after winning the trophy.

Paradox (Tanishq Singh)


Young Rapper Paradox, a very young artist from north India. The real name of the paradox is Tanishq Singh. He is from Delhi and he also got a feature on Rohan Kariappa 1 minute rap challenge season 1.  Paradox is the Runner-Up Of MTV Hustle 2.0.

Panther (Anubhav Shukla)


Hustle 2.0 contestant Panther’s real name is Anubhav Shukla. Panther is a young and energetic Indian rapper, lyricist and music composer from Uttar Pradesh. He is well-known for his variety of music as well as the Indian hip-hop reality program MTV Hustle 2.0.

QK (Aarya Jadhao)


She is a 21 year old young female rapper from mumbai. The real name of QK is Aarya Jadhao. She is well-known for the talented female contestants in the Indian hip-hop reality show MTV Hustle Season 2.

MC Headshot (Tamojit Chatterjee)

MC Headshot
MC Headshot

As we know, MC Headshot is an Indian rapper and music composer from Kolkata. The real name of MC Headshot is Tamojit Chatterjee. He is well-known for being a potential cast of hustle 2.0.

Wicked Sunny (Vikalp Dwivedi)

Wicked Sunny
Wicked Sunny

He is an Indian rapper and music composer from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Wicked Sunny’s real name is Vikalp Dwivedi. In 2022, Wicked Sunny made an appearance on the reality show MTV Hustle 2.0. 

UNB (Ugen Namgyal Bhutia)


The UNB is a talented Indian Rapper, Hip Hop Artist, and a Lyricist from Gangtok, Sikkim. He is well-known as a Kauso Record artist and for the Indian hip-hop reality series MTV Hustle 2.0. UNB’s real name is Ugen Namgyal Bhutia.

Nazz (Nihar Hodawadekar)


The Nazz is an Indian rapper and music composer in Mumbai, India. Nazz’s real name is Nihar Hodawadekar. He is an Indian underground HipHop artist now he is going to participate in MTV hustle season 2 television show as a contender. 

Gravity (Akshay Poojary)


The Gravity is a young Indian male rapper and music composer in India. The real name of Gravity is Akshay Poojary. He received an opportunity for his performance in hustle mtv season 2. He has been making dope music for years now.

KhanZaadi (Firoza Khan)


As we know, Khanzaadi is an Indian female rapper and songwriter. She is a young talented female artist in the MTV Hustle 2.0 show. The real name of KhanZaadi is Firoza Khan. She also has a popular YouTube channel where she posts all of her music videos.

Srushti (Srushti Tawde)

Srushti Tawde
Srushti Tawde

20 years old rapper Srushti Tawade has everyone in awe of her swagger, bold and smoky lyrics. Srushti Tawde is a rising female rapper from Mumbai, India. She came into the limelight after her performance in MTV Hustle 2.0.

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