Mega Premium Link Generator Review

Mega Premium Link generator utilizes one single advertisement to shorten many download links to your website. So it’s easy to skip advertisements and receive direct download links from the site. And if the server is overloaded, a new connection on the web page means a fresh connection. This is why when your web host is upgrading the site, you may experience slower loading speeds. This is also due to adding more websites to the server. However, with this kind of generator you won’t have to worry about those issues.

One of the nice things about this link generator is that it works very quickly. Once the program has been loaded it will search for relevant sites and provide the closest one to the one you want. The process of searching takes just seconds and after several searches the desired link will be provided for your use. You will just need to copy the link and paste it on your website.

What is MEGA Link Generator Used For?

Another wonderful thing about Mega Link Pro is that it can create backlinks to any website. They are categorized into many different topics which include adult sites, shopping sites, sports sites, adult video sites, and other kinds of websites. There’s even one called the Reverse Directory List Generator. This premium link generator can take an article or any content on any topic and automatically create a backlink to that site. This is handy for any kind of business that needs backlinks. If a customer finds your article interesting, they will click on your link to visit your business.

The links created by Mega Link are search engine friendly. They are the best kind of link, since search engines see these links as votes for your site. With thousands of them spread all over the Internet, you will rank much higher in any search for particular keywords. This will make your company more visible and will drive more traffic to your site.

However, there are some downsides to using a rapidgator premium leech. You have to submit your site to the link directories. Usually the submission process takes a week. When you submit your website manually, you have to wait two weeks or more. You have to contact every link directory yourself. This way you are sure that every link is legitimate.

Another disadvantage of Mega Link is that it is only available in English. Google and other search engines cannot read the languages used in Mega Link. This means that if you want to advertise your link in a foreign language your advertisement will not be visible to visitors. Also, this link builder is not good for informational websites as most people will not spend a lot of time looking for information on a website.

MEGA for Productivity and Collaboration

If you are new to link building, it would be advisable to use a different method of building links. There are several methods of link building and you should try to choose one that can benefit your particular niche. Do not rely purely on one method and you will be able to increase the number of links on your website without being unnecessarily penalized by Google.

Mega Link is one of the premium link generator on the market today. It can help you generate many links, however it has its drawbacks. This link builder is definitely worth trying if you have no other alternative. However, if you are planning to use this link builder for the long term, it might be better to use a different method of link building.

Another disadvantage of this link generator is that it only works with Yahoo! and Google search engines. Even though it is advertised that it can work with other search engines, it can not. You also need a site that is optimized for the search engines to be able to take advantage of the link generator.

It is also important to realize that the link generator will not make all of your links automatically. It will simply generate as many links as possible. In order to increase the number of links that your website receives, it is important to submit your website to link directories. The Mega Link generator does not help with submitting your website to any particular directories.


Overall, Mega link generator is still a very useful tool to help you get the links that you need for your website. It is certainly better than using a regular link generator, but because of its limitations you should still be cautious when using it. Just because the generator produces lots of links does not mean that your website will receive a high ranking from any search engine. To get a high ranking from a search engine, you need to improve the content on your website.

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