MilesWeb Hosting Reviews 2023: Support, Performance, Pricing & Features

With the growing technology demand, there is an increase in web hosting demands too! After all, most businesses want to build their online identity. What is MilesWeb and how they are helping users worldwide in building their online presence, will cover everything in this blog.

Remember that every website requires a web hosting infrastructure to make it visible online. Thus, it’s expected that, web hosting industry’s CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) will be 18% by the year 2028. And the next fact is that many web hosting companies like MilesWeb already are play a crucial role in boosting this industry’s growth.

If you are searching for an competitively priced web hosting option, MilesWeb is the perfect choice for you! But this is not only information that we are shared. Here is the blog for you giving more information and trivia about MilesWeb that you must consider!

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MilesWeb reviews
Milesweb reviews

MilesWeb: Who Are They?

The MilesWeb is the leading Indian web hosting company founded in 2012. They offer a plethora of web hosting plans ranging from shared to dedicated hosting, managed cloud hosting and many more.

With the range of different web hosting plans they cater to multiple web hosting needs worldwide. Since its beginning, MilesWeb has emerged as a prominent indigenous web hosting company and have a record of serving around 40,000+ clients globally.

Apart from web hosting services, Milesweb offer additional services like domain registration and SSL Certificate to build a strong online presence.

If you are wondering what special features are there that makes them unique. It is about the 24×7 customer support, a guaranteed uptime 99.95% uptime and 30-days money back guarantee. These are the features that make them unique and a key web hosting company for users worldwide.

milesweb web hosting

Top Hosting Services Offered by MilesWeb

Being the top web hosting provider they offer the underlying services:

Shared Hosting

Milesweb Shared Hosting services are popular for users for low-scale websites like blogging and websites having a lesser monthly traffic. In this kind of web hosting service, server resources are shared among different web hosting users. It means CPU, RAM and SSD NVMe storage are shared among different hosting users.

Their shared hosting plan starts from ₹ 50/ month to ₹ 212.5/ month. Plans like Solo, Geeky, Rapid, and the Turbo range under the bracket of shared hosting services. In these plans you can host from 1 website to unlimited websites with the access of 24×7 tech support.

WordPress Hosting

MilesWeb offers you web hosting plans for hosting websites built on WordPress CMS. WordPress Hosting plans are mostly preferred by bloggers and beginners who have just started their WordPress based websites. With free automatic WordPress update, preconfigured Wordpress plugins in these hosting plans makes a convenient option for users to prefer them. Like their shared hosting services, WordPress hosting plans are also affordable coming with the 24×7 tech support. Plus, WordPress-specific features like automatic updates, staging, & more.

WooCommerce Hosting

As we all know, WooCommerce is the leading eCommerce store builder platform. If you have built the store on the same site, MilesWeb gives you the web hosting infrastructure to host your online store. MilesWeb WooCommerce hosting plans range between ₹ 1800/month to ₹ 3600/month. Additionally, users get the combination of LiteSpeed Web Server + LSCache for WooCommerce website which enhance the online store’s performance and manage heavy workloads on the site.

WordPress Cloud Hosting

These hosting plans are suitable for growing WordPress sites. It is because, with the growing traffic on portals and resources requirement for the same, cloud storage becomes a requirement. WordPress Cloud hosting plans are built for higher performance. Get the CDN Support from MilesWeb to manage technical problems and many other features for scaling WordPress websites easily.

VPS Hosting

Milesweb Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the preferred option for enterprises worldwide. They offer different types of VPS hosting plans like CyberPanel, Linux and Windows VPS Hosting plans. VPS hosting plans give full root SSH access, SFTP, Intel Xeon Processors, 100 Mbps Network and other prominent features like KVM Virtualization to host websites with the complete performance. Their VPS hosting plans price ranges from  ₹ 630/ month to ₹ 12,120 /month.

VPS Hosting
VPS Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

The perfect web hosting plans for managing resource-intensive workloads is MilesWeb’s best recommended product. You can get it at just ₹233 per day. Get an enterprise hardware, hosting space for unlimited websites and instant provisioning feature that makes them the best dedicated hosting provider. If you are looking to host AI, ML or Deep Learning applications, they have separate GPU dedicated hosting plans with advanced configurations making applications accessible on CPU dedicated servers. They offer dedicated hosting plans for both Linux and Windows OS.

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting

Reseller Hosting

Users who want to start their own web hosting business, MilesWeb offers reseller web hosting service to them. They offer 100% white-labelled reseller hosting services where resellers sell hosting plans under their brand name. All the technical aspects will be looked after by MilesWeb. In fact, few features like WHM (Web Host Manager) make it easier for users to manage clients.

Reseller Hosting
Reseller Hosting

Email Hosting

A professional email hosting service that provides top-notch email suites to businesses and professionals. With Titan’s professional email ids provided by MilesWeb, you can boost your brand’s credibility with extensive data storage, guaranteed mailbox delivery, and highly secure email hosting India.

Features that they provide with Milesweb web hosting plans are:

●        Free SSL

●        Free Migration

●        24×7 Tech support

●        Unmetered bandwidth

●        User-friendly control panels (like cPanel, WebAdmin, and Plesk)

●        One-Click installer

These kinds of services and features make the web hosting operation easier and give a higher ROI to website owners. 

Where Are Milesweb Data Centers Located?

US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and India are some of these prominent nations where MilesWeb data centers are present. Thus, clients worldwide are getting an excellent up-time with minimal latency.

We have multi-tiered redundant power systems and 24×7 security at all our data centers, which are managed by highly experienced and skilled personnel. A state-of-the-art and reliable hosting infrastructure is provided. All customer data is stored in Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers that provide the highest level of security.

Why Choose Milesweb?

Excellent Performance

Milesweb Performance

The Performance is the major concern for users worldwide. Thus, evaluating MilesWeb performance metrics will give you an idea showing they are the perfect hosting choice for you!

In the above screenshot you can observe that the speed index is in the green indicator. Not just that but the first contentful paint time is 545 ms (time when the browser renders the first bit of content from the DOM) and largest contentful paint is 931 ms (represents how quickly the main content of a web page is loaded).

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

cPanel is a popular web based control panel that makes the management of tasks easy.

Whether it is an Email, databases, or internet files you want to manage, the cPanel gives you the technical freedom to manage them at ease. In the above image you can observe how many options a user gets.

Users have the freedom to manage their domain as per the requirement. Security functions and other technical management is possible because of this control panel. Tracking SSL status, blocking malware IPs and managing monitoring server usage is all possible with this user-friendly cPanel.


When it comes to affordability, there is no doubt that MilesWeb wins the bet over here too! It is only about which plan you are preferring. Shared hosting starts with ₹ 50/ month, VPS hosting plans with ₹ 630/ month, dedicated hosting with ₹  4,374/ month, cloud hosting with Digital Ocean starts at ₹ 4160/ month. After knowing these prices you might have made up your mind to buy their web hosting plans.

Milesweb pricing
Milesweb pricing


Many people overlook the importance of support services in web hosting operations. However, if you require reliable support from the service provider, MilesWeb meets all your needs.

Furthermore, as there are technical glitches when running web hosting operations, web hosting service providers provide users with the best support. We offer 24/7 support on email, live chat and tickets.

Additionally, customers can find tutorials, knowledge base articles, and other helpful resources to resolve their queries as soon as possible. According to a study, 89% of millennial customers prefer to find solutions on their own. For more convenience, contact the support team if resources do not meet their requirements.

People sometimes approach less experienced technical professionals in order to save costs, which makes the troubleshooting task more complicated. a daunting one. In addition to solving technical issues, the hosting team can provide standard assistance, such as website migration.

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Final Verdict

MilesWeb offers you excellent web hosting plans that cater to different sizes of website owner’s hosting needs. Their hosting is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for affordable hosting plans with different configurations and the web hosting requirements.

In particular, we recommend Unlimited Hosting plans because they offer exceptional features at a competitive price.

Furthermore, they have a ton of positive reviews from customers all over the world along with various web hosting review sites like Trustpilot, Google, and HostAdvice.

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