The Ultimate Guidelines in Real Estate Editorial Photography

The real estate editorial photography business has been doing extremely well in the last few years. This is all thanks to flawless advertising with accompanying photos. It take not only the best angles, but also brushed up in a way that would make people take a second look. Come to think of it, these two should complement each other making the first step the most crucial portion of the process. Real estate photography contributes to the product and as an intermediate input to post-processing. Photographers must keep in mind the intent of the images so they can snap the best photos that will complement that end-goal. 

What is Real Estate Editorial Photography

Real estate editorial photography may simply mean taking images of the property. So that it can be enhanced and used for advertorial purposes. Diving into a more specific type that has a very specific purposes is real estate editorial photography. This means placing pictures alongside text in formats. Such as articles, blogs, magazine spreads, and other forms of printed and published work. Real estate editorial photography’s intent could be to add aesthetic appeal to the article. It will give more life to it rather than merely trying to sell the property.

Top Guidelines You Should Know about Real Estate Editorial Photography in 2021

Capturing that perfect editorial photo follows a set of guidelines. That shape it to become what it is intended to deliver. Real estate editorial photography is as much an art as it is a technical output. Having said this, take a look at this ultimate guide for perfect real estate editorial photography.

Start by visualizing

Visualization helps the planning process. It allows you to simulate the outcome of the photos in your mind. Real estate photography works best when there is proper planning. So shots can be captured at the best assessed angles and locations. Do not also be hesitant to collaborate with the people who are planning to put the editorial piece together. As getting exactly what they want can make the process altogether efficient.

Gather the right equipment

Taking on an assignment in real estate photography demands only the best of qualities in images and equipment. This means that in order to capture the most elegant photos. The right set and caliber of equipment should be used. Bring along your most trusty SLR camera with a respectable or high resolution. Pair this up with a stable tripod so the clarity is maximized and further complemented with a remote trigger. Keeping shaky hands off of the equipment can produce a crisp image, worthy of real estate editorial photography.

Bring multiple lenses

One lens will not make the cut. Several lenses, however, can give you more options depending on the scenery or the landscape available on the site. Wide angle lenses will help you capture landscapes and architectural structure, being the go-to for exterior real estate photography. A short telephoto lens could also be an option. If you need to take a portrait-oriented image and capture any scenic views along the streets of the property. A macro lens could be of great use during close up shots for interiors, showcasing details and craftsmanship. That could potentially add more flare into the image.

Set up interiors with the perception of depth

Stunning photos are hinged on the ability to draw out the best in them. Creating the perception of depth is a great way to provide texts an image that speaks louder than what is written in the editorial. Start by examining the room and looking for an area inside the property that has a large area. Arrange the furniture in a way that highlights the areas of the room. This could be in the form of concentrating the best pieces in that area while the least attractive ones are in the periphery. At the end of the day, you would want to focus real estate photography on the best facets of the home, and this is one way to do that.

Take a photo of concepts

In its most abstract sense, a concept is a framework of how things should work. In real estate editorial photography, it means telling a story on how the property kind of flows. To do this, a pre work with knowing what the article contains along with a short discussion with the writer will help set up the potential idea. After all the information has been collected, proceed to shoot photos that tell a story. Perhaps shoot it in a perspective of someone who has just arrived home. Taking a snap of the interior, the garage, the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom and then the bedroom. This series of shots that tell a story can help your writer arrange them within the editorial piece and compliment their message.

Use modern-age technology

Real estate photography has a lot of new toys to play with starting with drones. These can take aerial shots that showcase angles of the property like never before. Leverage these gadgets to bring out exquisite shots and step outside of the ordinary. Before jumping into using a drone, check if local regulations allow such gadgets to be flying around. You might also want to take a drive around the neighborhood to figure out scenes worth including in the shot.

Let the light into interiors

One of the most common mistakes real estate photographers do out of instinct is to get rid of the window glare. I mean who wouldn’t want a shoot where everything inside is immediately visible. But the thing is, we want to take advantage of the sunlight. The natural source of illumination will brighten up the interior space more than any artificial source of light. The glare can later be removed through post-processing techniques. Such as window masking so do not forget to take bracketed shots.


Real estate editorial photography is indeed an intricate art. There might be more to this list that requires attention but getting in touch and familiar with the guidelines. At the least will get you more than ready for your real estate photography shoot. Remember, it is not the selling that needs to happen here. But the engagement and attraction to help draw the attention of people into the editorial piece.

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