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5 Things to Consider Before Buying Soaps

A few decades back, people didn’t have the luxury to go and buy soap from a nearby general store. But the time we are living in we rarely get time in city life, and we find quick ways to do a task, and not everyone can make soap at home, so we go to the store and buy one simple as that. In previous times, everyone used to make their own soap at home; no wonder their skin was mainly perfect. 

The tide is turning again, and new brands are emerging on the scene with naturally made soaps. They might have some amount of chemicals, but those chemicals don’t impact the skin in a harmful way. When it comes to soap, we all need a strong soap that can remove all the dirt from your body without harming the skin. You might find it hard to search for these kinds of soaps because some brands have covered the markets like dark clouds. 

5 Important Things to Consider Before Buying Soaps in 2021

Don’t worry, we are here to help you find the perfect soap; the factors given below will help you make the right decision. Without further ado, let’s get started with the list. 

All the upcoming factors are different, and none of them is less important. 

1. Examine the Facts

Apply the same sense of responsibility in finding the soap with the right fats, just like you take out the bad fats from your diet. Regular soaps are affordable for most of us compared to natural soaps, and the sole reason behind this is because they are made up of synthetically produced fat. 

FDA does not prefer the products you will read in this whole blog. Remember how you are advised to stay away from saturated fats because they can be bad for your health. On the other hand, these facts are preferred in soaps because they create a protective barrier for your skin. 

2. Stay Away from Antibacterial

Antibacterial is a good word because any product that can kill germs sounds like a blessing, right? Wrong. In the case of soap, the condition is the opposite. Antibacterial soaps do kill germs, but these soaps include a dangerous chemical named triclosan, and this chemical is banned in the US for some products. 

The reason behind this is that according to results shown by many studies, this chemical affects the hormones of the body in a harmful way, and it works as an endocrine disruptor. Does this sound like an even trade to you? Not to us, you are not out of options in the market, so choose wisely. 

3. Prefer Natural Soaps

Many brands use Die Cut Soap Boxes with the badge of natural to attract more customers. Don’t fall for this trap and choose the soap; after reading the details thoroughly, natural soaps use every natural ingredient needed to manufacture soap. 

The badge of “natural” may sound and look good, but that’s not the case in most products. A 100% natural soap will consist of materials like natural oils, healthy fats, butter, and other natural ingredients. An easy way to find if soap is natural or not is to read the ingredient table, and if you see a strange-looking component or an element that you aren’t able to pronounce is probably a chemical. 

Natural soaps are usually expensive but remember; health is wealth. The last thing you want to happen is getting a skin infection and spending hundreds of dollars in curing that infection while trying to save some cents. 

4. Don’t Buy Scented Soaps

A scented soap will freshen up your mood but may mess up your skin. According to studies, 95% of the chemicals used to make a fragrance for soaps comes from crude oil. 

This can result in skin infection, cancer, allergies, and even congenital disabilities. A natural soap never uses an artificial scent, and the only smell of natural soaps is of butter, natural oils, and natural ingredients. 

5. Avoid Preservatives

Regular soaps usually are made up of synthetic hardening agents to increase the shelf life of the soap. In this process, some fats are replaced with glycerin, and it makes the soap last longer, but your skin will pay the price. Natural soaps usually melt hastily. 

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