Things to Consider Before Buying Wires and Cables

Playing a crucial role in electricity distribution, wires and cables are the veins that carry electricity from point to point. Quality issues can lead to repeated maintenance issues, power failures, and fatal incidents like fire. Let it be for the residence, industrial unit, large production centers, factories, or commercial enclaves, one must evaluate the wires and cables before choosing. Detailed here are the things to consider before buying wires and cables. Don’t miss out on the inspection based on the points, in a hurry to complete the wiring at the earliest. It can cause adverse effects at a later stage.

1. Check the Conducting Material

Although Silver is the best conductor of electricity, either Copper or Aluminum are used for electrical cables. Copper offers low resistance with respect to Aluminum and hence is a better conductive material, which could be ideal for short distances. Since copper is costlier than aluminum, it may not be feasible to use copper wires for power distribution to distant points. Having said that, avoid using aluminum wires in the cabling of commercial, residential, or industrial buildings. Since it has a higher resistance that will result in high power loss.

2. Wire Gauge is Important

Wire gauge or the measurement of the wire diameter is important. The wire gauge must be calculated properly, considering the ampere and current requirements, before choosing the wires and cables. To ensure proper power transmission without any loss.

3. Properties of Insulation Sheathing

It is essential to use proper insulation sheathing, which will prevent fire hazards. The insulation sheathing must be made of Fire Retardant compound PVC (FR PVC). The flame retardant properties will withstand high temperatures that may turn causative for fire.

4. Carry Out a Pull test

This is of paramount importance if you are considering wires and cables for industrial areas or factories. The items must be able to withstand the tensile load without fail. Carry out a pull test and confirm that the wire is meeting the stipulated parameters.

5. Opt for Flexible Wires Instead of Solid Ones

Two types of cables are available in the market, flexible and solid. Flexible cables are better for cabling as well as installation. Therefore, choose flexible cables over solid ones.

6. Trustworthy Cable Manufacturers

The renowned and most accepted cable manufacturers have attained the image through constant performance only. Select a reputed and credible wire and cable manufacturer in UK for procuring the products for your project. Furthermore, the production time is also of importance if you need cables on a recurrent basis. The manufacturer must be able to meet the timeline.

7. Damaged Cables

Damaged cables pose an extreme fire hazard. Inspect the cables thoroughly, before laying them out. Any gap in the electrical wiring or open insulation can turn problematic. It can turn fatal and result in loss of man and material.

8. After-sales Support

After-sales support is as important as customer care and service whilst you process the procurement. Many a time, the electrical cable manufacturers may appear proactive and extend excellent backing during the initial phase. However, their response may become lukewarm in due course. Trustworthy electrical cables and wire manufacturers with a proven track record would be ideal. Hence, choose only after a thorough evaluation of the firms and the service they offer.

Electrical wires and cables have to be selected after a careful analysis only. Once the cables have been laid out and the concealing is done. It would be a herculean task to open the sealing and replace those, in case of any defects. Any unobserved defect could cause unexpected problems that may cause loss of man and material.

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