Vertical Industrial Freight Elevator: How it Works ?

The first step in the production process of an agri-food industry is the reception of the products for their subsequent treatment. For this, it is necessary that they reach the silos or the storage hoppers, where they will proceed to a first classification. Knowing about a vertical industrial freight elevator is important. Since it is one of the most used means of transport to be able to deposit raw materials in storage warehouses. This type of FOOD INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY is more use for these purposes due to the small surface it occupy. Let’s see what they are and what they are for.

What is a vertical industrial freight elevator and what is it for?

A vertical freight elevator is a device. That serves to lower, raise or move vertically by traction, goods and materials, saving different heights. For the purposes of regulations and legislation, they are not consider LIFTS. Since they do not transport people, so they are considering machines and as such. They are govern by the Machinery Directive 2006/42 CE and by Royal Decree 1644/2008 of October 10.

Once you understand how a vertical industrial freight elevator works, It is easy to understand the logistical importance. They represent when moving goods vertically. These devices are design to bridge any type of height difference, transporting goods and products safely, allowing them to reach their destination completely unchanged.

Types of vertical freight elevators

This type of machine is uses in all places where it is necessary to move goods vertically. This is very common to find them in sectors. As different as construction, hospitality, shops or food industries. The difference between the different types of vertical lifts lies in the capacity to handle goods they have. According to all this, the following classification can be carried out:

  • Forklifts: lifting platforms similar to lifts dedicated to the movement of goods vertically.
  • Dumbwaiter: small forklifts with very low load capacities restricted to 100 kg. Perfect for the movement of small goods between different floors of a building. For this reason they are widely use in shops, hotels and restaurants.
  • Lifting tables: platforms that can be raise or lower using traction mechanisms. They are the most used freight elevators in industries and are usually manufacture in a modular way.
  • Mixed elevators: cabins for the vertical movement of people and goods. The regulations that protect them are those of the elevators.
  • Vertical industrial freight elevators for agri-food industries

Once the products are collected and arrive at the treatment center, it is necessary to proceed to their previous treatment. This is normally carry out through different types of tanks (hoppers, storage silos), where they are temporarily store and classified. These tanks are usually of a large volume and rectangular, cylindrical or conical shapes, reaching quite high heights. To deposit the products in these containers. It is necessary to transport them over the difference in height to be able to dump them in them.

Incline conveyor belt

This can be done through incline conveyor belt which can be transport the material on a path. With the necessary slope to reach the height of the tanks. The problem with this transport system is that, if the height to be save is large enough, The path of the belt can be quite long, occupying a large amount of surface in the facilities.

Final Words

With a vertical industrial freight elevator this problem can be solved. Since, occupying the minimum surface area at its base, it is capable of reaching the necessary heights to be able to dump the products on the storage containers. In addition, they are design to protect the integrity and health of the transport products, avoiding environmental contamination and any type of alteration due to weather factors.

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