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Which Brand Provides The Best Custom Size Mattress In India?

Finding the perfect mattress is an adventure for each individual. While standard sizes like single, double, queen, and king are common, they may not meet the needs of every person. The solution for people who require a certain size or shape to meet their bed frame or room design is to go with custom size mattresses. These mattresses provide a customized fit, taking into account individual preferences and measurements. Custom size mattresses guarantee comfort and happiness, making them an essential option for individuals looking for individualized sleep solutions, regardless of whether they are to be used with a non-standard bed frame or if they have a desire for an exact fit.

Understanding custom mattress size

Understanding the necessary dimensions when thinking about a custom size mattress is important. To do this, precisely measure the desired mattress’s length, width, and occasionally even thickness. When placing and removing the bed frame, don’t forget to account for any gaps or clearances that may be necessary.

Before taking measurements for a custom mattress, bear the following in mind:

  • This proverb applies particularly to bespoke mattresses: measure twice, cut once. The whole point of personalization can be undermined by inaccurate measurements, which can result in a mattress that fits poorly.
  • Take clearances into account: Make sure the mattress’s edges are sufficiently spaced to facilitate simple installation and removal, particularly if your bed frame features complicated designs or confined areas.
  • Take into account the box spring or platform: If you’re going to use a box spring or platform bed, make sure the dimensions of the mattress fit precisely on top of the bed.

Advantages of owning a custom size mattress

Standard mattresses are convenient, but bespoke mattresses have several benefits.

  • Perfect fit: A custom mattress makes sure that your special bed frame fits it perfectly, removing any gaps or overhangs that could look bad and possibly cause discomfort.
  • Making the most of your bedroom’s space: Custom mattresses let you make the most of every square inch of space, which is especially useful in small spaces or bedrooms with unusual layouts.
  • Encouraging beds with unusual shapes: A custom mattress can be made to fit the precise measurements of a bed frame with a unique design, guaranteeing optimal comfort and support.
  • Meeting particular demands: A custom-sized mattress that accommodates individual needs and sleeping postures may be beneficial for people with certain medical requirements or mobility limitations.

How do you choose the best brand for a custom size mattress?

Here’s how to select the finest brand for your demands when buying a custom-sized mattress, keeping in mind the possible advantages:

  1. Composition and design:
  • Examine the many mattress materials that are available, including latex, memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid combinations. Select the one that best suits your needs for comfort, your spending limit, and any possible allergies.
  • Recognize the mattress’s structural specifics, including the kind and quantity of its comfort layers and its core support structure. You can use this information to gauge the longevity, degree of support, and general quality of the mattress.
  1. Options for customization: 
  • Whether you need customization in terms of length, width, thickness, or shape, make sure the brand has the precise kind of customization you require.
  • Find out what the minimum and maximum sizes are that can be customized to make sure your ideal size is within their range.
  1. Price and warranty: 
  • Evaluate the costs of several brands that provide mattresses in custom sizes, bearing in mind that custom alternatives are frequently more expensive than conventional sizes.
  • Verify the brand’s warranty on bespoke mattresses. The guarantee should be on par with what they provide for mattresses that are regular size.
  1. Online reviews and customer ratings: 
  • Examine reviews and ratings left by customers on the brand’s bespoke mattress possibilities. This can offer insightful information about the caliber, level of customer care, and general experience that previous clients have had.
  1. Trial times and return guidelines: 
  • Seek out companies that provide trial times for custom mattresses so you can check their comfort and fit at home before deciding to go through with the purchase.
  • Recognize that while custom mattresses are made-to-order, their return policies may differ from those for normal sizes.

Additional tips

Here are a few more things to think about:

  • Brand experience: Seek out companies that have produced personalized mattresses in the past. This can help guarantee that they have the knowledge and assets necessary to effectively manage your particular needs.
  • Lead time: Custom mattresses can take longer to create than ordinary ones kept in stock. Be mindful of this.
  • Shipping and installation: Find out the brand’s policies about shipping and installation, particularly if you need help putting up your customized mattress.


The “best” brand for a custom size mattress will ultimately depend on your personal choices, needs, and financial situation. To guarantee a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep, carefully weigh the aforementioned elements to help you narrow down your selections and select a brand that offers the ideal balance of quality, value, and personalization. Remember that the key to locating the ideal alternative for your particular set of sleep needs is to do extensive research, weigh your options, and put your comfort first.

While we talked about custom size mattresses, Emma Sleep India is one of the places where you can get your mattress requirements met. They offer you a range of mattresses and pillows to choose from, as they believe in the fact that everyone deserves to have a restful night’s sleep. 


  1. Regarding the older, custom size mattress, what can be done?

Even if a bespoke mattress would no longer fit a typical bed frame, its components might still be salvageable! If it’s still in good enough shape, you can give it to a shelter. As an alternative, think about repurposing the springs for do-it-yourself tasks or utilizing the foam layers to make pet beds or floor mats. Before disposing of a mattress, make sure you are aware of the local laws, as some places have specific recycling guidelines.

  1. Can we order custom size mattress online?

In India, getting a custom-sized mattress online is becoming more and more popular. On their websites, a lot of mattress brands provide online customization choices. These platforms let you choose materials, define desired proportions, and even set up custom shapes for certain applications. Even though there may be more steps involved than with traditional mattress buying, many people find online ordering to be a convenient option. Before submitting your custom order, remember to check the brand’s lead times and return policies.

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