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Learn Here Everything About Yin Yoga

Yoga has been a part of the Indian culture for five centuries. This ancient art has helped millions around the world unlock their true potential. Yoga has been passed from one spiritual seeker to the next, the reason being its ability to connect you with the higher dimensions of your being. If you want to enhance your mental and physical capabilities, enroll in a good Yin Yoga training.

Over the years, yoga has evolved from a simple art of sitting cross-legged to multiple styles depending on the health benefits you want. You can choose from the countless yoga styles like beginner-level Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, or Iyengar among others. With that, let us focus on one popular style of yoga, the Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga – In Brief

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced and meditative style of yoga in terms of the physical and mental benefits it offers. In this style of yoga, you hold poses for a longer duration to target the right tissue and ligaments instead of working on the muscles. In other words, Yin Yoga asanas focus more on passive holds rather than using muscles.

Let us now understand a bit about this style of yoga.

Philosophy & Principles

This Yoga is a Taoist concept that includes Yin & Yang, both of which are opposing and complementary principles of nature. On the one hand, Yin is unmoving and stable whereas Yang is more revealing and moving in nature. Enroll in a Yoga Alliance certification course to learn more about this style of yoga.

In the human body, Yin refers to the connective tissues and Yang are the pliable muscles and blood. This Yoga works on the connective tissues which respond to a slow and steady load. If you can hold a Yoga pose for a longer period, your body responds by making the connective tissues a little longer and stronger.

Do you know that Yin Yoga has a direct relation to your Qi, also known as subtle energy?

Yin Yoga & Qi

Every Yoga pose is designed to improve the flow of Qi,which refers to the subtle energy in your body. According to Chinese medicine, this subtle energy runs through the meridian pathways in your body. These meridians are made up of connective tissue.

However, there are 4 main principles of Yin Yoga

  1. Move slowly into Yoga pose and find out the right amount of intensity. Do not stretch too much as it will cause pain.
  2. Release every yoga pose consciously, Remain still without changing position.
  3. Hold every Yoga pose for at least 1 to 3 minutes and move slowly to 5 minutes.
  4. Release the Yoga pose slowly and gently.

You should enroll in a reputed 500 Hour yoga teacher training In India to learn the right techniques for Yin Yoga. Moreover, this yoga style does offer some impressive benefits.

3 Benefits of Yin Yoga Practice

This Yoga creates the perfect balance amongst all the major systems in your body. It provides you calm yet gives a major energy boost to keep you mentally and physically sharp.

With that said, given below are three reasons you should practice this Yoga.

Promotes Self-Love

Yin Yoga is the best yoga style to calm down your nervous system and relax your body. It helps you recover from tiredness, fight unnecessary fear, and develop compassion and love for yourself. This yoga style develops self-belief and solid faith to help you live a life of love.

Improves Flexibility

One of the major benefits of Yin Yoga is it targets and stretches the connective tissue between your muscles. The main aim of Yoga practice is to improve circulation in your joints and improve flexibility by exercising the bone and joint areas. Moreover, enrolling in Yin Yoga training also helps you regulate the body’s energy flow.

Develops Perseverance

Are you stuck in a tough situation and finding it hard to walk away? Do some Yin Yoga. This form of yoga helps you to still the mind and build the mental toughness to face life’s challenges. In short, you develop the perseverance to come out of tough times with a smile on the face.


in Yoga is a gentle way to take care of your body and rejuvenate your mind. Enroll in a reputed Yoga training to learn this yoga style.

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